How Nuclear World War III Would Start

Cold War 2.0

A new and much dangerous cold war 2.0 has already started with the US and Russia provoking each other and both sides flexing their muscles. The US had thought about creating a no-fly zone over Syria and they have also considered the consequences amid the US election coming-up in about 13 days when Obama will be gone, but least he has used his head carefully.


Foreign Policy Plan in Syria

Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy plan in Syria would trigger World War Three. A “no-fly zone” in Syria could spell war with Russia. “To control all of the airspace in Syria it would require the US to go to war, against Syria and Russia,” Gen Dunford told the Senate Arms Services Committee. Gen Dunford, America’s highest-ranking military officer has warned against a US-imposed no-fly zone in Syria

No-Fly Zone over Syria

Mrs Clinton has been proposing a no-fly zone over Syria, which could lead to conflict with Russian jets. “A no-fly zone can save lives and hasten the end of the conflict,” she said on stage, what a lunatic. Her policy is not only a disagreement with President Barack Obama, but would be a significant escalation of US involvement in the Syrian conflict. Mrs Clinton wants to end civilisation and create a mass extinction of the Human Race with her foreign policy plan in Syria


World War III


Mrs Clinton supported the US war in Iraq – a position which she says she now regrets – and was one of the leading Obama administration advocates for the US air campaign in Libya. She has called on the US to take on an expanded role in fighting the so-called Islamic State in Syria, including the imposition of a no-fly zone and arming Syrian rebels, so after she starts World War III which could turn into a NUCLEAR WAR, she will regret that as well ? Clinton is not fit to be President of the US; either Trump should be President or Obama should stay otherwise the world would end.

Around 800 soldiers along with tanks, armoured vehicles and drones will now head to Estonia in the spring in a Nato effort to reassure the Baltic states over Russian aggression. The British troops will form one of four Nato battalions being deployed in response to a perceived threat from Russia to the alliance’s eastern allies.

What they don’t understand is World War III will not with boots on the ground with armoured vehicles, soilders, tanks and warplanes but nuclear weapons. Russia has warned the West several times it is ready to press the red button to unleash nuclear misiles to the West which includes London.


We’re going to end up in World War Three, NUCLEAR WAR  over Syria if we listen to Hillary Clinton. NATO is not fighting Syria any more, it is fighting Syria, Russia and Iran. Russia is a nuclear country, but a country where the nukes work as opposed to other countries that talk. Mrs Clinton would be unable to talk with Russian President Vladimir Putin after her sharp criticism of him.


Nutters and Maniacs

World War 3, Nuclear War would be started by the following lunatics, maniacs and nutters:

  • Vladimir Putin, does not understands democracy, is short tempered and a weirdo who just like to press the red button to release nuclear missiles and flatten the west and wipe it off the map.
  • Hilary Clinton, not all is Putin’s fault. The US is also to blame for provoking Russia and Hilary Clinton is much worse
  • Bojo (Boris Jonson, he speaks like just as he looks like, a nutter with experience in politicic, parliament or foreign policy, apart from being London Mayor who messed up London’s street by slowing down traffic and creating a dangerous bike lane with extra  bicyke lights, and awkward crossing junctions).

At the moment, these are the three people from the West who will destroy the world and wipe out civilisation. Mass extinction would occur just like the dinosaurs disappeared and there would be no life on earth. After the dinosaurs got wiped off more humans surivied, but after a nuclear war, not only it will mean the end to human extinction, if there is future life on earth it would be in the form mutations similar to aliens.

Putin does not really want to fire nukes at the West and incinerate everyone, creating hell on earth but three against one is not fair. From three different countries, 3 different governments are provoking him for war.

Obama and Boris Jonson are bullying Putin to press the red button and these two people have one common thing in common amongst each other and that is to play war games and this time it is a very much different war game, in fact it is a very dangerous and real war and once Clinton gets elected she will start world war III with her rough and touch strategy. Clinton can’t talk, she does not have the same strategic diplomatic skill set of the Obama administration.

We must stop Clinton now, before she gets into power and creates hell on earth.



Syrian Crisis


The current Syrian crisis is a threat to world peace and dragging powerful nations into war. Syria is currently in ruins and to prevent Assad and Russia wiping out Syria and completely flattening it NATO countries tried to reason with the Russians diplomatically but the talks have failed with each side blaming each other, in other words they are both as bad as each other and now the NATO superpowers have halted talks/dialogue with the Russians.

The Syrian conflict does not concern the West. This is Syria’s war, Syria’s civil war. If the Russians want to sort it out themselves, let them. The Russians have repeatedly warned the West that they want to sort this out themselves. Just like the US and UK get involved in other countries like Iraq and Afghanistan and battled it out setting things right, US and UK have to recognise that now it is the Russians turn, and Russia is in control of Syria and how it will reshape it. The US and UK did they same thing to Iraq to topple Saddam and change the regime and oust the Taliban in Afghanistan. In the same way the Russians want to have control over how it shapes a country. Just like the UK and US battled it out themselves in Afghanistan and Iraq the Russians want to do the same with Syria and does not want the US and UK to get involved. The Russians are now a superpower nation whether the West likes it or not they want to be a major player and want be recognised for being a superpower.

George Bush and Tony Blair committed genocide and crimes against humanity by leading the invasion of Iraq in 2003, but did the Russian’s interfere with the West ? NO! When Bush and Blair committed genocide and crimes against humanity and killed millions of people and children Russia did not provoke NATO, they did not condemn NATO, or critisise them. So, what does all this mean ? the US and UK are crusaders and want to conquer the world by themselves ? Before NATO and the UN start provoking Russia again they must seriously think about the consequences. As it seems, it is NATO, UK and US trying to create a global conflict starting with Russia and then a world war. These countries including Russia want to end the world. Most of the people in the world are naive and don’t even know whats happening around the world and aren’t even concerned about it. People will only wake up when a bomb from Russia lands on their country which will be much bigger than 9/11 but then it would be too late, because not one bombs, but many will land creating a ground zero everywhere.


During the start of the Syrian conflict Russia has warned UK and US that if they attack Syria there will be a massive and devastating explosion in Syria. The West are are blind and stupid, they don’t understand what Russia meant. Russia even gave them a hint saying that Syria has massive nuclear power stations and attacking Syria will cause a major devastating explosion. Syria does not have a nuclear power plant nor do they have nuclear weapons – so what was Putin referring to ? it is very easy to understand what Putin was saying, even a simpleton can understand but the West ignored that threat partially. For a while the West took heed of what Russia meant and so started diplomacy however, now the diplomacy has failed the West is thinking about taking on the Russians and going to war which not only brings it back to square one but also into a cold war.


The West is thinking about attacking Syria and Russia

The Syrian crisis is a long term civil war with Russia and Assad reshaping it. This does not have concern for NATO. There is no interest in Syria for the West except that the West wants to prevent killings. However, in doing so the West could be doing more bad than good. Since diplomatic negotiations have failed with Kerry and suspended dialogue, the West is thinking about a military strategy to solve the problem. The US and UK are thinking of attacking Syria and Russia – directly going to war with them.
Source: BBC Report.

The current Syrian crisis does not concern the Americans, British or the Europeans. They are just creating more trouble and problems for themselves. People do not think about the consequences. Great cities in the world are about to be destroyed and if NATO military intervention goes ahead even in the form a no-fly-zone great cities in the world will be destroyed around the world. Cities such as….

new-york-city-skylineNew York City

All those buildings, offices and apartments with thousands of people in them, so many buildings. Does the US government want to see it all flattened by Russia? US and NATO underestimates the power, aggression and readiness of Russia and Putin to press the red button to fire nukes. If such an event takes place it will only take 30 minutes for nukes to reach the US in the form ICBM’s (Intercontinenal Ballistic Missiles) capable of carrying nuclear warheads. The US and NATO very well know what will happen if Russia nukes US or any other NATO countries.

New York (downtown)

Vast cities with millions of people will become a nuclear wasteland. This will be the end of the world if Obama and the US administration don’t stop aggressing Russia. What a beautiful city it is in downtown New York with all those lovely architecture and people from all over the world.


Another beautiful city with lights gleaming during sunset but this will be no more if the NATO does not stop agressing Russia. The US, UK, NATO will also kill billions of innocent people in not just all theses beautiful cities, countries but all over the world if a nuclear war starts.

London city (docklands)

London is another country a lovely architecture and people but the UK government does not stop oppressing Russia, it does not stop provoking Russia. They know very well what will happen if world war III and a nuclear war happens.

Does the government and the British public wants to see what has happened in Syria, wants to see  the same thing in London ? The UK and US MUST IMMEDIATELY STOP PROVOKING RUSSIA in anyway. Already the world is on the brink of World War 3 and Nuclear War. The UK, US, and NATO underestimate that Russia will reduce these great cities and people within 30 minutes in to a nuclear wasteland and it will be hundred times worse than Syria. With all the radioactive fallout and the most horrific diseases in UK, US, NATO, no one else will come to the rescue because of the fear of radioactive contamination; also because as a result of this war even most of the countries in this world will no longer exist because people will die of radioactive fallout. A single exposure to the megatons of radiation within a few minutes horrific diseases, cancers and mutations will happen. For thousands of years US, UK, NATO will be a barren wasteland with no people or architecture.

londonCity of London

All the cities are at risk if UK, France, US and NATO go to war with Russia and Syria. Russia has control over most of the airspace over Syria and their warships are in the Mediterranean Sea. The UK and US are thinking of deploying a no-fly zone over Syria. This would mean hundreds and thousands of war planes being involved from patrolling the skies over Syria to shooting down Syrian and Russian war planes. An example of what has happened in the past is Turkey shot down a Russian war plane and Russia was furious, thankfully one thing did not lead to another. Russia has said any intervention on Russian war planes is an attack on Russia. Turkey is a NATO member, if Russia then attacked Turkey and one thing led to another then World War 3 would have started but by the mercy and grace of God this has not happened.

A civil war which is being run by Assad has been made worse by Russia with failed diplomatic talks, with a temporary ceasefire hanging on a thread major countries started  to intervene. The US asked countries such UAE, Quwait, Saudi Arabia, Turkey etc to get involved essentially creating a proxy war. Russia has repeatedly warned the West of great consequences if they get involved but then some diplomatic talks went forward. After trying many weeks of diplomacy, it has failed and the US have given up on diplomacy which brings the situation back to where it started.


US and Russian warships/destroyers are now deployed in the Mediterranean which only means on thing. Russia is currently using the ships to fire rockets in to Syria and also to show the US their strength and might that if they intervene, the  consequences as a result. NATO does not recognise that Russia is also now a nuclear superpower like the US, it has all the technology of the US and is more dangerous than the West think it is. The US and UK are living in a kind of dream world as if only they have the most advanced weapons and technology but Russia has caught-up. The Syrian crisis at the moment is in a volatile situation as we have already entered a new cold war.

What will happen next ?



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What will happen if the West attacks Syria ?

With the current Syrian crisis and nutcases in the UK dragging the country into a nuclear conflict the west is thinking of attacking Syria and Russia.  Full story here. There are a number of ways the west is thinking about attacking Syria. one of the ways is in which the west is thinking about is setting up a no-fly zone in Syria. To do this it will require thousands of war planes to police the skies over Syria and an willingness to shoot down Syrian and RUSSIAN PLANES which could lead to violent tensions over the superpowers with Russia retaliating back and shooting down Western war planes. This will go around in circles and one thing will lead to another. Both Russian and US warships have already moved into the Mediterranean signalling the start of war.

Unlike the Soviet–Afghan War which lasted over nine years from December 1979 to February 1989 during the Sovier era, this is a new type of (cold) war not with the old Soviet Union. In fact, right now, “it’s not a new Cold War, it’s not even a deep chill. It’s an outright conflict”, said Obama and US-Russia relations have deteriorated sharply

Putin is a dangerous man. Both, Putin and Obama have aggression against each other in who rules the world and in this case who reshapes the new Syria on the map.


Both of these men’s selfish aggression will get the world destroyed. Latest news: Putin has moved nuclear-capable Iskandar missiles to the edge of NATO territory in Europe.

Both Russia and US have nuclear missiles on red-alert to fire within a minutes notice at each other. If the Syrian conflict escalates any further with the US attacking Russian warplanes both sides will retaliate fast, hard and furiously. It would begin with a standoff, a proxy war leading into a regional war where superpowers like UK, US, France and NATO being dragged in along with regional powers such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey, etc. NATO is right now making a “High Readiness Force” which can be speedily deployed to combat threats around the world and, both of these men are ready to go to war. A war between US and Russia is like playing with fire but a very dangerous and volatile fire.

Great cities are about to be destroyed around the world

New York




Why would great cities around the world be destroyed ?

If the main super powers go into war it would be NATO vs Russia. Although there is no WARSAW pact in action now but if Russia goes to war other nuclear countries will join and specially if Russia encourages them. These countries would be China, North Korea, Pakistan and India to name a few.


A stand off would lead to a proxy war, a regional war, a world war (World War III) and finally, a Nuclear War. When Russia and the US have enough of fighting a fierce conventional war Russia will be the most likely country to press the red button to fire nuclear weapons. During a conventional war both parties have access to the internet and will hack each other to bring down militarily command and control centres. The US, Russia and China also have the capability to jam all radio frequencies and electronics using electronic jamming equipment. If they take out the electronics by jamming it the West would be sitting ducks with all their technological air-power, missiles, etc sitting on the tarmac and would never know if a nuclear attack is coming from Russia.


If Russia fires nukes towards the US, it will not launch them one at a time but perhaps 300 in one go. The US has missile defend shields but if they have been electronically jammed, what use will they be ? Now, imagine 300 nukes flying around the world from all corners of the world with so many major explosions, this will wipe out great cities. Imagine, if 300 nuclear missiles are incoming from Russia, it will take 30 minutes for Russian nukes reach the West and they won’t have enough time to react. There are several reasons for this, they might think it is an error, equipment could be jammed with no radar by the time 300 nukes have arrived in the West it would already by too late, Russia would have already wiped out the West.


Nuclear missiles against blue sky

After a nuclear war, for decades and centuries the world, planet earth will be in ruins, not just the superpowers. Although, there will be many countries who did not go to war, the effect of radiation and fallout will be moved around the globe nature and everyone will be affected with catastrophic consequences. The world may just end and be a barren planet like some of the other planets in our galaxy.


The US and Russia know what happened when US dropped the atom bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the after affects. Today’s nukes are a thousand times more powerful that it will end the world. Of all the those great cities like London, New York, Dubai, Japan, etc, that have been built for peace and luxury for people to enjoy their living and lives in will be ruined in a few minutes, not just that, a nuclear explosion will be the most horrific and painful death anyone can face, in fact, the way it kills people is like all ready being in hell on earth.

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Windows 10 is Rubbish

Whether you press the ‘Upgrade now’ or ‘Start download, upgrade later’ button…..

winndows 10 upgrade

….the white dots go around in circles forever and Windows 10 does not download, it keeps displaying the message ‘starting download…’ but other than that nothing happens.

winndows 10 upgrade2

Here is another piece of bullshit from Microsoft…

window cannot update

So Microsoft will not let me update to Windows 10, it just does not work, Microsoft software is littered with bugs.

So, try again…

windows 10 starts downloading

windows 10 downloading 68percent

After completing 100% of the download….

windows10 preparing for installation

It took two days for the installation, not 45 minutes. On the first day it got stuck on ‘Downloading windows 10 preparing for installation. The next day I tried again. The Upgrade to Windows 10 tiles upgrades from the bottom right corner of the screen doesn’t work so I tried via the windows update. I began at 23:45 and the whole process lasted until 2pm and altogether it took 2h 15 minutes. almost 3 hours. It then installed all the tools and updates until 3pm. Windows 10 also hidden my main user account and it was quite fiddly trying to get it back again. It took approximately 2h 15 minutes for installation.

It takes half an hour to prepare for installation and another 1 hour to install the actual Windows 10.

heres the break down if you’re planning to install windows 10:

5 minutes to begin initiation of the dowload or connect to their server
45 minutes to begin the download
25 minutes to prepare for installation, nothing happens in between that time, you cant tell if the download is messed up or something broken…just sits there saying ‘preparing for installation..’ – rubbish!

60 minutes taken for the actual installation of the whole windows 10

Total time taken for installation = 135 minutes or 2h 25 minutes

However, I still dont understand why Microsoft has given away Windows 10 for free because usually they dont give away any of their software. There could be several reason:

  • crap buggy / beta OS
  • its a spy program
  • MS Edge is slow
  • windows 8 was rubbish and thats why we got a giveaway
  • Microsofts reason is they want to get the software on many devices as possible – what about my android phone ? I like the flavour of linux on it – basically Microsoft wants to dominate the worlds devices
  • so, whats after windows 10 ?

So, finally after getting to my desktop the main difference is everything is the same except for my taskbar and things are more faster. I had a clock on my desktop, it has disappeared. I miss my Windows 7 taskbar, the Windows 10 taskbar is ugly with no aero. Apart from Windows being a bit more faster, there is a just a load crap on my start menu which I dont need – tiles. The designers of Windows have bad taste for design, cartoonish icons, no 3D, no aero, everything just flat crap.

The next mission for me to use Windows 10 is to get me aero taskbar back, the one MS provided me is crap. Apart from the start menu with a load of crap uncessary tile, a newly installed windows 10 look like a bit like a improvised windows 3.1 Microsoft is currently testing Aero glass functionality in Windows 10. That’s why they have added the glass effect only to Start Menu and Taskbar in Windows 10 – HOW LONG Microsoft lazy bozo’s ? c’mon,….get a move on…!

Theres not really much to see windows 10…..I have my same desktop from Windows 7, everything same apart from the start menu and taskbar. Other than that the file explorer  windows are cleaner but all the icons have a  flat cartoon-ish design. I dunno why Microsoft went retro or they just have designer with no sense of design or eye-candie, which makes the overall theme of Windows 10 absolutely rubbish.

…and heres another rubbish I just found out….look what they did to the calculator….yuk, ugh, some retro crap.

w10 calc

After using Windows 10 for some time, in fact on my second day now, restarted the computer. I dunno what they’re talking about that restart is fast – no it isnt – it took five minutes to restart and another five for the system to get its background processes loaded – TEN minutes altogether


Vectone Mobile Review

Vectone Mobile is a rubbish network. Customer service is non-existent and they steal all your cash. One month ago I paid £5 on PAYG top-up and bought a £1 pack, after I finished my pack I didnt use my phone to make any outgoing calls but today when I checked my balance online they had stolen my £4.00 – never again with Vectone Mobile – Im not using a smartphone and customer service NEVER or RARELY answer the phone!

WhatsApp Is Not Free to make calls or messaging


What is the point of using WhatsApp to make free calls when you are required to top-up using your mobile phone network.

In reality and in a way making free calls isn’t really free. Although the App itself is free you still need to be connected to the internet, and connecting to the internet requires payment to your mobile phone network to get internet access. So you have to pay for it.

If you purchase a cash top-up as PAYG of which the minimum is £5 then data charges will quickly drain your the cash you put into the phone. Either way, if you purchase a subscription, pack or bundle through your network or carrier then you are still paying to talk or text for free. So, in reality WhatsApp is free to use if you pay the mobile phone network to download the App and use it. So you still have to pay for it.

The other way is to use WhatsApp over a wireless network or wifi but again in reality it is not free, you have to pay the wifi network company. You can go to a café but only if you want to treat yourself to a coffee which you will have to pay for the coffee say about £3.50 and then get your free wifi access to use whatsApp.

Free Wifi-hotspots – again, unless you are mostly on the go, do you really want to leave the comfort of your home to sit in a café, station, airport, stand outside or even go somewhere public with strangers around you and then you have to think about network security as well. Asking around for passwords are hassle as well.

So, in conclusion, whatsApp as an app is free but calling and messaging isn’t in a way.

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David Cameron backs bans on Muslim face veils

Extremist far-right winger David Cameron is to introduce the ban on muslim women’s face veil which is a breach of womens human rights. In a free society people are free to express their needs, desires, wishes, speech as they want. So, what is stopping #Cameron from banning topless garments and mini skirts as they are a provocation in the same way Cameron thinks that people under the veil are perhaps burglars or jewelry shop raiders.

Cameron has targeted a soft-spot – women! he could have targeted men to not to wear the prayer cap but he knows that would spark the ultimate outrage that Cameron could loose not only his tie but not be wearing a suit to office. What this shows is that Cameron has actually informants from far-right wingers and is slowly moving towards being a extreme far-right winger.


Boycott Cameron’s decision to overturn the ban on face veils because this is a breach of human rights. The breach denies the freedom of expression and the freedom to dress as women want. If Cameron is has become an extremist on how women dress he should be taught that not all women specially in UK carry bombs under their veil. If he still fails to understand then he is also neglecting far extreme forms of dressing in the fashion industry which should also be banned such transparent and provocative dresses. On the other hand he could encourage women of all different types to wear face veils. Otherwise what Cameron is doing going down the French route and following the fascist French president to ban the burka/veil in public.

This is not just a boycott on lifting the ban on the veil but a boycott to stop the denial of women’s human rights, freedom of expression and freedom to dress. If you think this is right then raise your voice now and speak out against the wrong decision.

EE is so shit

EE formerly known as T-mobile is so shit, although they offer for users to top-up £1.00 for 7 days, you can’t top-up another £1.00 if you have used-up all your credit or minutes before the 7 day period but I have my own trick to out-win them since they think they are so clever, I will just buy another SIM and put £1.00 on it, haha, fools !

Nominet Condemned for Preventing .uk Domain Ownership

Nominet the domain registrar has been condemned by Todays Controversy for issuing a new domain extention which many people cannot have.


The .uk domain name is offered by many domain registrars but in contradiction to what they offer. Although the registrars give the option to own a .uk domain name, in actual fact you cannot have the .uk domain or you are prevented from taking-up this domain. In order for you to own .uk domain name nominet says you must already be a owner of a domain name.

In addition a new registrant does not have the right to choose a new .uk domain without owning a domain. The owners of existing domains with a domain is given rights first and even if they don’t take the .uk domain it is reserved for them for five years. So, basically a .uk domain name is and is not available – confusing ? well, even though the .uk domain name is available when you do a search for your favourite domain which you previously couldn’t have because all the good names under .com,, .net have run out and, then you find a really good domain name you can have now under the .uk extention domain registrars prevent people from buying the domain because nominet has this silly and stupid rule that says the owner of another domain has the first right to own the .uk domain. Ok, perhaps it is for a few days but it is reserved for five years for another domain owner who already has their domain domain name – how stupid!

This is a very bad domain policy by nominet and they need to get to grips with themselves to stop making stupid rules and allow anyone and everyone to own which ever domain they like under any extention as long as it is freely available. The .uk domain is freely available under many domain names but people are not allowed to have it.


Why do you support Ukip? Party supporters reveal their views

The rise of Ukip is one of the key trends in British politics, helping shape the agenda and unsettling the older political parties.

But who is actually supporting Ukip, and why? Where do they live, and what do they want?

Listen to some nervous Tory MPs and you’d conclude that Ukippers are all disaffected Conservatives in golf club ties, living in comfortable home counties retirement and holding David Cameron’s fate in their hands.

But listen to the Ukip PR machine and you’ll be told that Ukip supporters come from all backgrounds, ages and regions, threatening all the established parties equally.

The Telegraph is offering Ukip supporters themselves the chance to establish the truth, speaking for themselves as party of our new video graphic.

Over the months leading up to the European elections in May and the general election next year, we will add to our gallery with more contributions.

If you want to take part, email us on and watch the video below detailing what we are looking for.

And keep watching the map as we reveal more of the people who make Ukip what it is today.

Graphic by Joel Gunter and Dan Palmer

View the original article here

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