How to get any mobile without a contract

You can get any mobile phone you want without going into a contract.

If you want to get the HTC or iphone and it is very expensive without a contract, then here is what to do.

Contract plans charge more in the long-run and also you’re tied into 12, 18 and 24 month contracts. If you’re paying £30 a month then over 12 months that is £360, over 18 months that is £216 and so on, fine.

But what if you dont want to get tied down in to a contract ? Personally, i hate contracts because  they tie you down and even if the mobile network’s tarriffs go up, you still cant change to another provider because you’re tied into the contract and if you wish to leave early then there is the penalty!

The solution is simple:

Buy the phone on a credit card and spread the cost paying in affordable installments. If a phone costs £300, buy it on credit card and pay just £25 every month for 12 months and you’re done! If you can  pay more than £25 a month then its better. Just imagine this is a contract but without being tied down 😉


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