Institutional Racism in the UK

Institutional Racism in the UK is an important issue. 75% of South-East Asian people cannot get proper jobs because employers simply do not ‘like them’ in a way that doesn’t blatantly say he/she is ‘coloured’ or ‘not one of us’. With complex politics in this country there are equal opportunity laws that state people and/or employers cannot be racist and racism is illegal. For this fact when interviewees go for an interview a lot of candidates are discriminated against while at the interview and, not blatantly but in the minds of the interviewer. It is for this reason many people from that part of the world remain unsuccessful for high-end jobs with good pay and there are very few of these people in top high paid jobs.

Most of these jobs are reserved for the ‘native’ (city) workers or who appear to be native. Racism is illegal but goes on everywhere and almost in many organisations. There are a few good organisations who are not racist and these organisations are hard to find. Because of the lack good-minded organisations there are not many of them who can accomodate the need for such a large population of South-East Asian people.

Racism is illegal but goes on silentely in the minds of many people. Because of the laws in this country the natives or those who are not against racism cannot talk racist in public or publicly but can only dislike people and filter them out.


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