E. Coli Outbreak

It is outrageous how irresponsibily the British governemt is acting on the E. Coli case. The governemnt has not banned imports from Germany. It is lame to say the infection is only around Hamburg. Vegetables could easily be transported to EU countries because of rapidly declining sales in Germany. It is not simply enough to inform the poeple of the country to just wash and peel foods.

A ban of all food products is absolutely and immediately necessary or it is putting people at risk of infection and contamination.

The advice is to all people for everyones safety and concenn: cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce and other (green) vegetables not to be consumed at all which is currently in places and effective here and to check all product labelling in before purchasing items. If theres no label or it doesnt say where its from then NO-BUY!


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