Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband companies advertising their download speeds for use with mobile dongles is fake. It is a scam and a deception specially if you use it with a PC.

O2 claims on their website mobile broadband  download speeds of 7.2 Mbps . In actual fact you will never get 7.2 Mbps because you cant. It is only theoratical. Although the dongle can handle 7.2 Mbps the current technology does not allow the ISP/provider to actually fullfil their advertisement this is because mobile broadband is based on mobile phone technology – 3G and it is very slow. Although the the dongle will pick-up an HSPA signal, it will not sustain it for long. It is claimed the actual speed you can only get is 2 – 3 Mbps but even with HSPA you can never get 2 to 3 Megs.

So, the question is why advertise a lie and entice users to part with their money. If you show a dog, a bone, the dog will run for it. Mobile broadband companies make users of a dog advertising false information. Information which is only theoretical but not real.

They say it is possible to get 7.2 Mbps when 4G technology eventually reaches us all. Still there is no gurantee. In fact ISP’s might blow-up the advertised speed to 10 Mbps to sell users a fake service. Although the service is called ‘mobile broadband’ it is not, from this judgement it ‘mobile internet’ and if you are using the dongle on a PC you cant move it around. The best way to get a good signal or reception is to use the dongle connected to laptop where you can move the laptop around from place to place like using a mobile phone. Even if the dongle is connected to a computer and it has a solid high strength signal it does not give advertised speeds.


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