UK governemt belittles the people

To prepare for the olympics Tfl (Transport for London) has undermined the public by shutting off major roadways and asking them get out their creaking bikes and boots. Instead they have placed greater importance on a bunch of players to use the road. It has made its citizen second class by not allowing tow-trucks to come to the recue of broken vehichles but rather Tfl said they would push it way into an off-road.

This is an utter disgust to Londoners. Tfl users pay huge prices for the transport system but Londoners have to live with a corrupt system where they cant even voice their opinions and they call this democracy! Londoners are used as escape-goats to vote for a political party. When the elected government take over the people are voiceless. Doesn’t anyone who vote have an ounce of common sense? why dont the people rise-up and fight about it?!


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