Employment Application Form

A lot of employers are so stupid they ask sixty plus questions on application forms when they would not even select a candidate for interview. After using all the effort of  filling  in numerous questions on paper or online application forms they will not select the candidate for interview. A lot of the questions are silly and stupid as well. They claim to ask persons ethnic origin for the purposes of equal opportunity but what has that got to do with application selection procedure. They only claim that for  the purposes of equal opportunity but in actual fact a lot of them would filter you on who gets the job or not or how many whites and how many coloured people are employed. This is called ‘hidden institutional racism’. It absolutely has nothing to with the job. They will be able to see that in the interview.

 The ‘hidden institutional racism’  is something no-one can argue with because whoever you take the argument with they will always have a excuse to prove you wrong.

 Application forms for employment are also very inefficient when a job seeker can simply send/email their CV where everything has been written. It is a complete and utter waste of time for employers to use application forms to get   job seekers to  re-enter their whole personal and career information all over again.

 All those organisations who use application forms with more than a few questions are INEFFICIENT ! they only think about the efficiency of their organisation but not about wasting the time and energy of the  job seeker.


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