Halifax are Stupid Fools and Clowns

Tried registering my brand new credit card several times online, but it does not work. Phoned them but they couldnt find my correct details on the system and they said to take it to a branch with id which I did. When I foned from the branch they were helpful and I got my card activated but they said they will send out a letter with username and password, few days later i gotta letter to phone them again on the same stupid number.

So, I phoned the number they gave me in the letter. The options were: 1 for username and password, 2 for trouble with logging in with username and password or suspicious mail, 3 for any other problems.

The dont have a local access number such as 0207 or 0208 number they have these stupid 0845 number and i dont have a land line so i use my mobile for everything, dont need a landline coz dont usually have to ring bloody 0845 premium numbers, my mobile company will bill me for these.

Anyway, I pressed 1 and it says to reset the username password online, for fuck sake, i know that, why would i phone for then! so, i foned them again and pressed no. 2 and there is a forever long wait which i had no option but to cut the call on the 0845 number because they arent gonna pay my bill. So, i dialled the same o845 number again, there is no way to transfer the call without hanging up, i pressed option 3 for ‘any other problem’ after entering my card number and other details the halifax system goes they cant service this card on this number. But on option 3 it did say it will deal with credit card issues. Their system gsve me another number 08457 ! plonkers! which the machine repeated rapidly and then disconnected  – i dialed the new  number after hanging up and its says they they and finally got through to some operative in the call centre and answering another halfa dozen questions to the automated systems – their automated systems are soo inefficient you have to go through sooo many submenus – idiots ! the guy at the other end of the line says he cant service this card on this number as well, i asked why they sent me misleading phone numbers in the letter and by their automated system, he apologised and said will connect to another department and credit £15 to my account – to my suprise he hung up.


Idiots, clowns, plonkers, pricks! inefficient service, bad customer service, dont bank with them ! Use their banking card as asswipes!


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