Buying a New Computer

It is useless buying a new computer no matter how fast they say it is. The problem is ‘bloatware’ and Microsoft a major culprit. Windows 7, Vista, you name it, they make the new machines slow. PC’s even running a 2.40 Ghz processor and 4 Gb or RAM load simple applications such as Internet explorer and adobe reader for example slow. With this sort of new pc with that much power software should fly.

The best thing to do is ditch vista and windows 7 and buy a new machine and install XP on it. Windows XP will fly on a new machine. Despite the lack of support for XP and the updates, if you know how to maintain a computer and you want a fast machine – get a new PC and put XP on it.

As I have said above, no matter what PC you buy Microsoft bloatware operating systems gobble up all the CPU speed and RAM, they are just crap!


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