Primark based in Marble Arch, London, UK are bloody idiots! they keep changing their closing time frequently. First it was 7pm, then 8pm, then 9pm,…10pm and now its back to 9 pm. They dont have it written anywhere that they will close early nor do they promote it outside anywhere or on their shop window that its closing time has changed again

When its time to close they make all their customers rush out of the shop with constants anouncements and then they enforce their security on customers. This is specially very bad for people who just got into the store 15 minutes ago because they put them under pressure to ‘hurry-up’ and not even let customers look properly at what they are buying.

One day an idiot security guard blocked me, he was lucky I wasnt in a bad mood that day or else I would have hit him sooo hard that with one slap he would have been shitting in his pants that day in front of all the customers. He was a mean motherfucker! and if  i slap on one of them sooo hard on his right ear shit would have been flying out through left ear in the form diarrhea!





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