Get your cash back

Most shops do not want to give your money back once you paid for an item and walked out of the door even if you come back 5 minutes after. This is specially true with smaller shops. Most of the bigger shops and supermarkets these days provide a better service. It is a fact that a lot of sole traders do not and would not want to refund. After all, it is your money you just hand over to the shop assistant at the til. This situation has to change. Shops cannot do this. Most of the time they get away doing this is because the public in this country do not want to quarrel over little things or not even make a fuss about it. For those people who have plenty of money flowing like water is not much of an issue but even if money is not flowing like water it is a bit of lazyness…’oh let it go, don’t want a hassle’ is the thought but this is the wrong type of attitude. It is ok to do this but it is quite annoying and irritating when in this economic recession even a small item is overpriced and when you want your money back you’re refused.

So, what to do ? for starters this type of behaviour by shops has to stop and people have to open-up and fight for their right and fight for their money back. Shops do not own the money people have in their pocket. However, if you are one of these people who really don’t mind, then please give us the cash you want to throw away. Money does not grow on trees and is not owned by shops. However, when shops do this they are actually forcing the money from you and preventing you getting it back is the same as a mugger putting your hands in your pocket in the street and taking the money from you.

If everyone gets together raises the voice and opinion this would not happen and it would stop happening.


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