Windows 8

The fools at Microsoft need to get a grip on what they are developing. If windows 8 is more for mobiles and tablets then why put them on pc’s! The usabilty is disastrous. Microsoft is losing their expertise they are drifting one platform to another. In order to boost sales and take over the market from their competitors ‘Apple’ they are copy-cat-ing many features the available in Mac.

If Windows was a great piece of OS then there would be no need to bring out a new OS every year. Although its improvement in each new version each version has its own problems. Windows 95, NT and Vista were a disaster and Windows 8 is a whole confusion.

Apple developed the iPhone and because Microsoft (MS) is no longer a success, Apple is dominating the IT market MS develops WIndows phone and Windows 8 – losers! cant think on their own two feet. Surely, tablets and Macs are the way to go becauue windows is so crap and I am even switching to Linux


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