Energy Suppliers are criminals

Most of the well known energy suppliers are criminals. I have first hand experience of British Gas and EDF Energy they tell you after querying an earlier bill that because your previous payments had been estimated you now owe some hundreds or thousands of pounds. One very good recent example is ‘E. On’ ,  charged Peterborough charity a £78,000 bill. Full story

But this is the fate and society we live in because there so many people who suffer in the hands of criminals like these but no one makes their stand to do anything about it. When you make a complaint the criminal suppliers are always in the right. They will always give you an explanation or make an excuse which always concludes the customer is never right but they supplier is. People need to stand up whether for themselves or in groups and take action and even go beyond if required because we live in a democratic but yet hypocritic / corrupt society which his hidden between small print.


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