Barclay’s Bank are criminals – they set a reserve amount on current accounts so you dont go over the red however, what is the point of giving all current account holders a reserve amount if they are going to charge £22 everytime account holders go into the red. They are idiot, fools, barclays bank is just a scam. When you ask for an overdraft even though you are their loyal customer for years they never give you an overdraft they always have some silly stupid excuse or even no excuse. It is proven that other banks dont operate this type of scam but only barclays does and as a result a lot of their customers have moved to other banks but they still dont get the message. Barclays is the only bank that punishes people for going over and it is a shame the Boris bikes by the London Mayor Boris Jonson is associated with them!

BHS credit card are another criminals – on a balance of £566.16 they take out £14.15 minimum payment and then charge another £14.81 interest which is known as ‘new transactions’ even when you have not used your card you are using it. Its  a bit like someone using your credit card without your knowledge but although you havent really made any new purchases or withdrawls using your card there is a ‘new transaction’. Oh yes, that is perfectly legal for Bhs credit card to make a transaction without using your card and putting it on your statement. its called ‘interest’ – what a civilised capitalist society we live in. Bhs my arse!, idiots!


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