Bangladeshi’s sell rotten fruit and vegetables

Why is it that Bangladeshi’s always sell rotten fruit and veg ? are they rotten themselves or do they just want to make a quick buck. This is is just pathetic and it gives the whole nation a bad name for being rotten. A lot of them who sell rotten fruit and veg come from remote village areas in bangladesh who have never seen good things and life and they dont care.

A lot of the these remote villagers dont really care what is good and bad. I have seen many of them in shops buying rotten fruit and veg, they know it is rotten and they still like to buy. One reason is because half rotten  fruit and veg is very cheap.

In whitechapel, half-rotten mangoes are sold at two boxes for a pound or three boxes for £2. Athough there werent many people buying it, there was a huge crowd around it just in case if one or two people buy a box of mangoes  perhaps the whole crowd would join to buy.

I dont understand what is wrong with these people!

Because rotten fruit sell, market and shop trader buy and sell more rotten produce – they know it sells and people buy it.

Bangladeshi shop assistants whether in market stalls or shop are scam artists. The almost force you to buy their rotten produce, they dont even let you have a look at it properly.  Mangoes and pears for example: inside the boxes they put the rotten side face down and dont let customers what are they are being sold.

Surely, they are real rotten scam artists!


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