Imported clothing from China and India

Clothing imported from China and India in UK are becoming widely common specially in shops like Primark. However, clothing from China and India are rubbish, in fact it is shit! They dont know how to manufacture, design or cut clothing to fit people in the UK. The indians and chinese make clothing to fit food starved people who are drying out in temperatures of 45 degrees and then exporting to UK and the idiots in UK dont do anything about it. Shop keepers sell them as “slim-fit” clothing because although many people are fit and skinny in UK the clothes do not fit the average guy. Basically, those manufactures and shop-keepers are plonkers!

There are some clothing which are medium size but not actually labeled as slim-fit so when the average guy with a medium purchases the clothing turns out thats sticking to the body. This is is very idiotic, at least label the fuckin medium sized clothes as slim-fit.

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2 thoughts on “Imported clothing from China and India

  1. No, the real ‘idiots’ would be the shoppers themselves. They are the ones who drive Primark’s profit. If they hated the sizing, design and fit so much, then why has Primark become one of the largest retailers in some of Europe’s high-streets?

  2. …but the shoppers go to Primark bcoz they find a better deal. For example, almost the same trouser in M&S across the road outside Primark cost £89.99. Primark is a everyday bargain but at least they should label the T-shirts that are medium size is not suitable for all and they are for slim-fit only.

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