UK Government considering ending the automatic annual increase in benefits

The UK government is considering ending the automatic annual increase in benefits which is a sort of criminal act and the only suitable punishment for David Cameron is to strip him of his wealth and power, freeze all his bank accounts and assets and then put him on the dole for the period of years he has been in power as government to control the UK. If such a plan goes ahead, this is the imminent punishment David Cameron must face. He should also be placed in a council estate housing preferably in a ghetto and not even allowed to have an oyster card.

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As a result of the David Cameron’s power in government many people across the UK are suffering. Another problem is employers don’t want to give jobs to all the people. Some employers are very picky, some are racist internally which leads to institutional racism whereas when a person from a different ethnic origin has left the interview the interviewers a laughing behind closed doors. There are many factors which prevent people from finding work some people have now publicly voiced their opinions in a BBC interview what its like to live on the dole when the government is paying peanuts

Listen to Interview

The universal credit system which the government is trying to introduce and pay monthly instead of weekly or fortnightly is shit! £60 a week/£120 a fortnight the government pays at the moment in benefits is sickening. I would say not only strip the government of their wealth but give them cardboard boxes and tell them to fucking live on the streets and have no mercy on them for a year.


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