Mobile phone company O2 are deficient of providing a satisfactory service as it cannot update its system which mean its subscribers get a few minutes short at the start of the next billing month because their system is very slow. It takes 12 hours to update phone records and it happens on a regular basis.

This mean if you had 600 minutes at the beginning of the month and on the last day you had 40 minutes left, and you made a 5 minute call at 7pm and had 35 minutes left after the call; at the end of the billing period at 12 am midnight all your minutes will be wiped off. Even though you still have 35 minutes left from the previous day O2 will still give you 595 minutes for the next month instead of another 600 minutes.

O2′s excuse for this is their system takes an inappropriate 12 hours to update and its in their terms and conditions.

This means if users want an accurate update of their free minutes they need to stop using their phone for 12 hours. The mobile company O2 wont add on those extra minutes owed nor will they give you some of your money back for those minutes which they have missed even though you are paying for the minutes and it cost over 20p per minute if you didnt have those minutes and even though time is money O2 wants to win by deceiving its cusomters in an unfair way.

Stay away from O2

criminals!, terms and conditions my arse!


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