The worlds shittest Phone

After the Samsung GT-S5230 the iPro i6 Pro (a.k.a ChinaPhone)  is the world shittest phone but it isnt the shittest phone in the universe as of yet unlike some other products such as the keyboard which is the worst invention in technological times.

The iPro is a very slow phone almost impossible type text messages. With all due respect iPro is suitable for people who are not fast at typing. iPro makes you feel like an 80 year old and the fucking keys are so bloody tiny, the shift key and the caps lock are in the fucking wrong place, in fact the shift and caps lock are in one key.  I dont understand what’s wrong with those idiot manufacturers what do they thing when creating phones ? are the fones for newborns with tiny fingers?!! To get the cursor from one end of the row to the other end it takes forever, if you do it continuously it goes tooo fast.

bloody shit this is!


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