Crime Around the World

In western society like the UK and US crime, vandalism and anti-social behaviour is ripe and at its all time peak with complaints falling on to deaf ears and when action is taken it is almost just a joke most of the time. For example, if someone runs over someone with a vehicle or if someone kills another person, even if there had been witnesses a court may decide there is insufficient evidence to send someone to prison. In most cases where there has been a positive witness but due to “sufficient” evidence a court will decide to only issue a “lite” sentence of 6 months to one year in prison. Even though another persons life has been taken the court or law would not give a harsh sentence – it should be life-for-life, whether it is in the form of death-row, execution or life in prison – these days the law in todays society is a mockery or a joke where the public cannot rely on the law. This is the reason for the rise in vigilantes and gangs who will take care of other members of the community therefore, a rise in the rate of crime.

On the other hand in parts of the world where countries that take a firm stance at bringing criminals to justice by whatever means possible when the police and government in those countries know good old-fashioned ways are not reliable or will not work the west criticises on how criminals are bought to justice. For example, in third world countries bribery and corruption is at its peak but the government and police ‘know’ how to act and how to bring justice even if it is brute. Even though on 16 December 2012 a female was gang-raped in India, the police and government working in collaboration bought the perpetrators to justice by whatever means possible. If they did not, there was already a huge public outcry and who knows what else could have happened. It is possible that the Indian authorities had acted on their instinct to perhaps prevent maybe even a riot or uprising because the people would know and be quick to judge that corruption is ripe in third-world countries. The good news is…the perpetrators had been caught. However, The Evening Standard reported that three of the suspects accused of gang-raping and murdering a young woman in New Delhi were tortured in to confessing, one of them was tortured for 10 days and was unable speak now but the fact of the matter is they have done their job and caught the criminals in a very harsh and unreliable society where not even western methods of justice would have caught them and otherwise it would have possibly taken many months to catch them and even then maybe it would have went missed and they never would have been caught. The government and police of these countries know how to catch serious criminals, they have been caught and sentenced to death and there are no more complaints. Job done, and dusted.


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