The Syrian Crisis

David Cameron Made the right decision not join the US military strikes on Syria because Ed Milliband was right to drive parliament away from war. David Cameron is wrong to accuse Ed Miliband of siding with Russia because Miliband see sense and see straight, cameron doesn’t. Also for once it proves Britain isn’t Obama’s or Bushes dog following lead all the time. Cameron made the right decision to bring the commons together for a vote – this shows there is democracy because during the Iraq war there was no democracy, Britain just went ahead and bombed iraq despite a million people protesting against it.

It would have been dangerous for UK to get involved in military action on Syria, the consequences are far too great. Just as the West has allies so does Syria have allies namely Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and more. Imagine hundreds of nukes raining down on UK, Cameron and his family have bunkers to hide but he will leave the rest of the nation on the streets. And thats wrong!

Dr Rola from Hand In Hand For Syria is wrong to criticize Labour Leader Ed Milliband – both Rola and Cameron just dont think about the long term consequences in the region and about the possibility of starting World War III

Dr Rola invites Milliband and his family to spend time in Syria but where will Rola run to if nukes start raining on the west if Russia, China, N. Korea and Iran retaliate ? come to your senses Rola. If you think you’re gonna win another World War then dream on because we dont want to be part of it.

Mainstream media such as the Daily Mail will not accept such news, views and insight because this is the truth and the actual truth has been revealed.

If the US wants war in their country let them, but why drag other countries in to it as their allies ?

“If force is used without a UN resolution it will lead to very serious consequences in relations between Russia and the United States and its NATO partners,” said Alexander Filonik, a Middle East expert at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences. At a hastily called news conference Monday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said any use of force against Syria without UN approval would be a “very grave violation of international law.” Taking military action against Assad would be a clear sign from the West that it does not want to take account of Moscow’s opinion, Maria Lipman of the Carnegie Centre in Moscow told AFP. “Moscow could not let that go by without a response,” she said, adding that Russia could hit back by strengthening military cooperation with the Assad regime.

Read full story how World War III might start


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