Tower Hamlets Enforcement Officers



Tower Hamlets Enforcement Officers also known as THEO’s have a duty to protect the public and attend to calls

tower hamlets enforcement officers leaflet front cover


This is the leaflet that gets dropped in to residents homes in Tower Hamlets. The council and police want residents to dial 101 a non-emergency number

Tower Hamlets Enforcement Officers leaflet inside page


…and this is what they claim (above) inside their leaflet. However, when the 101 number is phoned police do not respond to single callers, and unless many residents call on the same number about the same incident the police 101 team will put anti-social behaviour  incidents to low priority and not respond.

It seems the 101 non emergency number is a joke when police do not respond to nuisance, intimidating anti-social behaviour. Neither do neighbourhood support officers or the THEO’s respond when called on 101, they just simply take down the nature of the incident and leave you to suffer. When 999 is dialed as a matter or urgency they will only tell you this is not an emergency and will not respond. Usually it is a never ending viscious circle – the council tell you to self monitor the anti-social behaviour and report it to them and they will just drop leaflets door-to-door to watch out for the culprits and call the police, pathetic ! It is the council’s and police jobs pick up louts and bang them up for causing a nuisance and anti-social behaviour.

Who are the THEO‘s


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