Stratford Shopping City

Travelling around London is a nightmare. Stratford Shopping ‘City’ or shouldnt it be called Stratford Shopping ‘Shity’. Its a land of zombies, people walking into each other. Then you have people who are blind while they have eyes because when they are crossing the road and there is a large groups of people crossing but their focus and eyes are in their phone, they cant see where they are going because their head and eyes are inside the phone. When these idiots get on the road they probably think they have the road to themselves, fools!

stratford shopping city

Once into the mall the zombies contine to dominate the mall not watching where they are going. Not only cant they see while they have eyes but some of them are just retards. They just cant fucking walk. They think the mall is a huge park for them to stroll around not letting other people behind them pass through, and blocking peoples way. This is specially the case for those who are walking in 2, 3, 4, or large groups of friends or family. Once you get into Westfield shopping city – its even worse because its the land of the zombies. Not also does it run in slow motion because there is too many of them but fat shits take up a lot of space slowing things down.

Shoe zone in London has some of the shittest range of shoes on offer specially those without laces. The design of the shoes suck. They have no design sense, alot of them are plain. Just like building architecture which London has no design sense or its designers have a poor or no taste for design the same applies to shoes. I dont think in London there are many good designers in terms of clothes/shoes to building.


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