East London – one of the dirtiest places

East London is ONE of the most dirtiest places in the world. Not only pavements but balconies in buildings are dirty and full of filth with human excrement and spit. Immigrants have made their mark in London by bringing their village habits with them from the third world. Some immigrants are worst than others.


Trying to walk down from one end of Whitechapel to the other to reach the post office is almost impossible with so many nod-heads and scroungers. The street is full of South-East Asian and Bangladeshi immigrants, blocking the place almost as if walking in their sleep. Some of them have nothing better to do than sleep walk the streets with eyes wide open and just strolling around like a zombie.

While standing in the queue at Whitechapel post office in East London getting harrassed by a 70 year old git with a gaping wide open mouth because maybe he has breathing problems, but he definately knows how to harrass poeple standing in the queue bullying them to goto a cashier where it is not staffed nor has anyone been called to go there. He had been given a good mouthing and corrected. If he was not an old git then some of his teeth would have been knocked out with a punch/blow; how dare he interferes with his bullying tactics, idiot !

Its impossible to understand why ATM cash machines in East London get swamped by immigrants who think this is outside banking or it is the internet at their home. They come to this country with little English on temporary (student & work) visa’s where they dont have ATM’s in their country or they maybe lucky to have one in some city; they stand their and take all their cards out from their wallet and start checking them one by one with no due respect or manners for the people standing behind them. If they have bothered to come to the UK to live and study then they should at least adopt the right manners.



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