The Real Life in the UK



Immigration is one of the biggest problems in the UK. The once quiet little island is dominated by migrants from all over the world. South-east asian’s such as Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and also Turkish. Before the 1990’s there were a lot less migrants in the UK. In fact during the 70’s, 60’s and 50’s only the natives lived in England and even London was a quiet little place – nice, peaceful and clean. Nowadays, there is a huge shortage of housing. The current economic downfall has a impact on the welfare and livelihood of British citizens living in London and the UK. There are very few jobs. Not only do the migrants come to this country and undermine the economy but the standard of living has fallen. Migrants bring in village culture into the UK and turned into little ghettos and communities. Segregation is one key element. The natives do not like the way the migrants live such as their clothing, cooking, behaviour etc.

Jobs and the Economy in London

DTGFP_Whitechapel4.jpg  Whitechapel High Street East London

The migrants have also made London a dirty place. In places such as East London there are so many migrants from the South East Asian sub-continent, specially from Bangladesh that it is a unbearable swamp. The migrants do not let the economy grow but weaken it. If a skilled job costs £600 they would do it for £150. If someone had a job to be done and the cost of the job was £600 they would not pay it even if it was £300 but they would go high and low to find someone who would do it very cheap, as an example for £150. On the other hand if the hourly rate of a job was £25 per hour then SEA employers would get students to do the job for a minimum wage of £5.50 or even £5.00 per hour, some would even go below minimum wage. People want to come to the UK for a better life but they know about the restrictions in place so what some families do is plan their stay in the UK even before getting there. Although some students come actually to study on a student visa there are other students who come to the UK to work with little or no interest in studying. They come to the UK, register with a college and then not attend classes but go to work. As a result the government has tightened immigration and college rules and has made it worse for everyone else. These people thought that the UK government or the UKBA at the borders were fools but now tight immigration restrictions are being applied to them and the remaining thousands of immigrants specially in London continue to undermine the economy in this way. The UK government is perhaps naive. They only see one side of the picture and not the other.

UK Border Passport Control Terminal 5 Heathrow Airport, England, United KIngdom, UK

The UK goverment thinks it is good to have foreigners in the UK to boost the economy but how wrong they are to predict that. In some parts of the economy there is a gain or boost because of foreigners coming to the UK and doing business which creates jobs and boost the tourism and entertainment industry. The governments motto is party, party, party and fun, fun, fun and we’ll have plenty of money which is a typical english lifestyle based on fun and partying and taking life for granted but what the government and system fails to recognise is what is undermining the economy which as a result leads to poor welfare and poverty.

In London for every job advertised in a national newspaper, 200 more people apply for it. This is partly due to the huge number of people including immigrants living in the UK. A lot of immigrants have to come to the UK on student visa’s and work permits and have applied and have been granted leave to remain. Some even come to the UK for only one purpose and that is to betray the government by coming to the UK, find a wife and get married to obtain ‘leave to remain’ in the UK forever. Others are in hide-out’s and constantly on the move from being caught specially those that work in shops and restaurants. The government is a fool, the UK is a small island but they keep on bringing in more and more people and give asylum to many people – which is not wrong but the UK is bursting with people and is overfull. Perhaps even the government forgets itself that the UK is just a tiny island in the middle of some ocean. It fails to recognise unlike other countries it is not huge such as like Russia, China, India or the US. In fact the size of the UK is unlike any other country but it is breaking the seems at the borders. London is densly populated but there is so much of the country which is empty that no ones lives on. Just outside the suburbs of London as you go past London and into another town or city you realise an immense part of the country is empty but everyone is crammed into a few cities such as: London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bradford, Luton, etc while vast areas in between remain empty, barren and undeveloped. The government needs to do more to spread people out or shut close the borders.

East London is a Dirty and Filthy Place



Immigrant dominated areas of London used to be nice, quiet and clean places during the 70’s. Nowadays, there is almost no places on the pavements to walk because there are so many of them. Businesses have saturated – there are so many fried chicken shops and restaurant specially in SE asian dominated areas such as Cannon Street, Shadwell, Romford Road, Ilford, Barking, Brick lane which are all in East London. There is so much compeitition that businesses have to illegally tout on the streets and cause a nuisance to the public and still there are restaurants that get little or no business and some businesses get plenty of customers. One of the worst things is migrants bring in old habits from villages of their country but don’t adapt to living standards in the UK. They make the places where they live dirty like a pigsty but inside their homes its like a palace. The streets these poeple live and walk are full of dirt, human excrement and they make it look they live in run-down parts of the city. In some streets and estates the housing maybe from back in the 50’s or 60’s but when the natives used to live in these same dwellings they kept even their own buildings nice and clean that you could even sit on the stairs and lifts. Nowadays, even in the building where SEA poeple live its full of excrement: faeces and urine are the most common.

A Bunch of Fools and Clowns


The second generation that are growing up in London, i.e. the kids and teenagers, try to act like the natives but have lost the plot. They try to act like english gangsters but they have a more dominance of immitating NY rappers, druggies, and prisoners. These teenagers think they look so ‘cool’ but in reality they are damaging the reputation of their country. They do not understand that they look really bad and are damaging the reputation and self-esteem of all the other SEA in London. Only in London, because in suburban and the country where SEA’s reside this type of immitationn is very few. One the common problems is lack of parental responsibility of these teenagers.

In their homeland, the first generation that had arrived in the UK lived in open spaces in farms and semi-farms specially during the 70’s to 90’s. They were poor, simialr to peasants in the middle ages in London. They did whatever they liked but had none or very little education at all.


Parts of East end of London is a run-down ghetto swamped deeply with scum rural villagers who swamp the streets with nowhere to walk and nor can you shop. This is partly to blame the government and the immigrants. Approximately 90% of the immigrants want to live within their own community of people back from their homeland. As long as they do this they dont care if its a ghetto or a swamp or if they are creating a land of shit derelict part of London and making it miserable for others to live in. The government is not bothered about spreading people out even though there are vast areas of free land just outside London and the suburbs.

Planet Earth Would soon be Dead –

Mars – a dead planet

The World would End

London and the world is so overcrowded that soon people will be eating the flesh of other people, such is the competition with food, money, jobs, legislation, red-tape and crime. Eventually the same will happen what happend to Mars – the world would end. The planet earth would be another dead planet or a replica of mars. If the worst gets to worst then it could be pluto or venus where it could turn into a vicious hell of boiling liquid, blood, tears, pus and dirt of the city or country they created a swamp of. Mars is just one version of a hell where it is just a barren red planet that is dead.

Venus – a living hell


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