Lesson in Sales


An woman walks into the butcher shop just before closing. She says, “Thank Heavens I’ve made it in time! Have you any chicken?” The butcher opens his fridge and takes out his only chicken, and plops it onto the scale. It weighs 2 1/2 pounds.

“Ah, haven’t you anything bigger?” the woman inquires.

The butcher returns the chicken to the fridge, takes it out again, and plops it onto the scale, only this time, he keeps his thumb on the chicken. The scale shows 3 1/4 pounds.

“Marvelous!” says the woman. “I’ll have both of them please.”

The Keybaord – Biggest Technological Disaster


The biggest technological disaster since the IT revolution – It took a good number of many years for the intel 486 pc to disappear. To-date there has been no real / massive improvement than using a piece of rectangle witha a lot of squares stuck on to it. One of the biggest inefficiencies of using the keyboard is pressing each character to type even just one word. Whats more the keyboard is such a piece of crap that it is very easy for mistakes to happen. While pressing one character, another will almost certainly get pressed because the keys are not only laid in a very inappropriate style but why in the 21st century we should be using this crap piece of junk anyway.

It is a technological IT disaster, that in a society which spun nuclear warheads on a mass level and is able to send technology to Mars, they have not been able develop an alternative to the keyboard.

Surely, there is an alternative to the keyboard but most of them are 80% unreliable. Take for example speech recognition software. Even after many attempts to train the software to recognise ones voice it will still make 75% mistakes. As a result 90% of users could not help but get back to using a technological disaster.

The keyboard – a technological crap!


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