Windows 10 is Rubbish

Whether you press the ‘Upgrade now’ or ‘Start download, upgrade later’ button…..

winndows 10 upgrade

….the white dots go around in circles forever and Windows 10 does not download, it keeps displaying the message ‘starting download…’ but other than that nothing happens.

winndows 10 upgrade2

Here is another piece of bullshit from Microsoft…

window cannot update

So Microsoft will not let me update to Windows 10, it just does not work, Microsoft software is littered with bugs.

So, try again…

windows 10 starts downloading

windows 10 downloading 68percent

After completing 100% of the download….

windows10 preparing for installation

It took two days for the installation, not 45 minutes. On the first day it got stuck on ‘Downloading windows 10 preparing for installation. The next day I tried again. The Upgrade to Windows 10 tiles upgrades from the bottom right corner of the screen doesn’t work so I tried via the windows update. I began at 23:45 and the whole process lasted until 2pm and altogether it took 2h 15 minutes. almost 3 hours. It then installed all the tools and updates until 3pm. Windows 10 also hidden my main user account and it was quite fiddly trying to get it back again. It took approximately 2h 15 minutes for installation.

It takes half an hour to prepare for installation and another 1 hour to install the actual Windows 10.

heres the break down if you’re planning to install windows 10:

5 minutes to begin initiation of the dowload or connect to their server
45 minutes to begin the download
25 minutes to prepare for installation, nothing happens in between that time, you cant tell if the download is messed up or something broken…just sits there saying ‘preparing for installation..’ – rubbish!

60 minutes taken for the actual installation of the whole windows 10

Total time taken for installation = 135 minutes or 2h 25 minutes

However, I still dont understand why Microsoft has given away Windows 10 for free because usually they dont give away any of their software. There could be several reason:

  • crap buggy / beta OS
  • its a spy program
  • MS Edge is slow
  • windows 8 was rubbish and thats why we got a giveaway
  • Microsofts reason is they want to get the software on many devices as possible – what about my android phone ? I like the flavour of linux on it – basically Microsoft wants to dominate the worlds devices
  • so, whats after windows 10 ?

So, finally after getting to my desktop the main difference is everything is the same except for my taskbar and things are more faster. I had a clock on my desktop, it has disappeared. I miss my Windows 7 taskbar, the Windows 10 taskbar is ugly with no aero. Apart from Windows being a bit more faster, there is a just a load crap on my start menu which I dont need – tiles. The designers of Windows have bad taste for design, cartoonish icons, no 3D, no aero, everything just flat crap.

The next mission for me to use Windows 10 is to get me aero taskbar back, the one MS provided me is crap. Apart from the start menu with a load of crap uncessary tile, a newly installed windows 10 look like a bit like a improvised windows 3.1 Microsoft is currently testing Aero glass functionality in Windows 10. That’s why they have added the glass effect only to Start Menu and Taskbar in Windows 10 – HOW LONG Microsoft lazy bozo’s ? c’mon,….get a move on…!

Theres not really much to see windows 10…..I have my same desktop from Windows 7, everything same apart from the start menu and taskbar. Other than that the file explorer  windows are cleaner but all the icons have a  flat cartoon-ish design. I dunno why Microsoft went retro or they just have designer with no sense of design or eye-candie, which makes the overall theme of Windows 10 absolutely rubbish.

…and heres another rubbish I just found out….look what they did to the calculator….yuk, ugh, some retro crap.

w10 calc

After using Windows 10 for some time, in fact on my second day now, restarted the computer. I dunno what they’re talking about that restart is fast – no it isnt – it took five minutes to restart and another five for the system to get its background processes loaded – TEN minutes altogether


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