New Cold War

The first (major) Cold War (Cold War I) was between the years 1945–1947, although there have been many other Cold wars

Cold War II (1953–62)
Cold War III (1962–79)
Cold War IV (1979–85)
Cold War V   (1985–91)

The Cuban Missile Crisis was another Cold War (6.0) in itself.
Then came the annexation of Crimea which also involved tensions between NATO and Russia

In today’s 21st Century we still have Cold Wars occurring with the most recent Cold War 7.0 starting in Syria involving US, UK, and Russia, which the US began to draw-up allies in the Middle East such as Turkey, Qatar, Arab, UAE, etc.

However, while one cold war ends another creeps up, we are now in the midst of Cold War 8.0 which is between the US and North Korea. Tensions in Cold War 7.0 got into a bit of Hot War as mentioned by Obama, but Cold War 8.0 is looking even worse as Trump and Kim throw rhetoric against one an another a bit like a WWE pre-match provocation.

Why are we discussing Cold Wars today ?

All of these heated rhetorical provocations by world leaders against each and another involves a point where things flare into an almost hot-war. Today we are on the brink of a cold-war melting into a hot-war and as Trump has mentioned it we could be into a major, major conflict. Even a US national security advisor has warned the world ‘be prepared for military action against North Korea’.

There have been other wars in between such as the toppling of Saddam in Iraq, the US bombings of IS in Afghanistan. Apart from those two, the Syrian civil war got heated-up into Obama saying they’re in to a hot-war but then again the US and Russian’s have kept away from each other in air conflict, however a no-fly zone could have been a totally different story. The American’s always make things worse by putting their nose into everything like they are some International Police. The Russian’s have said the recent bombing in Syria was a pre-planned attack only using the chemical weapons attack as an excuse.

Today, in the midst of cold war 8.0 things are heated-up and tensions are growing everyday. There is  a huge build-up of miliary force gathering on the Korean Peninsula – the US Carl Vinson Armada, even Japan, Australia, France, China, all have sent in huge war ships in to that region. One of the most important facts is this major, major conflict involving all these nations and more could turn into a World War III, world wide nuclear conflict – a NUCLEAR WAR.



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