The End of Humanity and Planet Earth is looming

If these 2 idiots (Trump and Kim) don’t tone down their rhetoric and sabre-rattling this would be the end of humanity and this planet. In an attempt to wipe out N. Korea by US and NATO, Russia, China, Iran, Syria, India, Pakistan and Japan would all send nukes in their hundreds flying to NATO countries in retaliation. NATO and the US then wont even be able to cope with the incoming missiles.. Even if they have THAAD the nukes cannot be stopped, there is no evidence THAAD actually works, it might be able to intercept some missiles but not all.

The world be in tremendous catastrophe. NATO will then be hitting all those countries that fired against them and nukes will be across the globe in their thousands, in this process all the countries and third world countries who don’t have nukes will perish with horrific diseases and side-effect. Side-effects will not only be in the form of diseases but of massive gigantic ants, mosquitoes, dogs and cats that would ravage people.

These dictators need to be stopped, they are at the moment:
Trump, Kim and Putin. Unless we put a leash on these animals our lives are at a huge risk. Everything was fine until Trump got elected. He is a far-right businessman NOT a politician, he shouldn’t be in government, he is no better than Hilary.

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