World War III – Nuclear War – Armageddan

World War III

If these 2 idiots (Trump and Kim) don’t tone down their rhetoric and sabre-rattling this would be the end of humanity and this planet. In an attempt to wipe out N. Korea by US and NATO, Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan and Syria, would all send nukes in their flying to NATO countries in retaliation. NATO and the US then wont even be able to cope with the incoming missiles.. Even if they have THAAD the nukes cannot be stopped, there is no evidence THAAD actually works, it might be able to intercept some missiles but not all.

Nuclear War

The world be in tremendous catastrophe. NATO will then be hitting all those countries that fired against them and nukes will be flying across the globe in their thousands, in this process all the countries and third world countries who don’t have nukes will perish with horrific diseases and side-effect. Side-effects will not only be in the form of diseases but of massive gigantic ants, mosquitoes, dogs and cats that would ravage people.

nuclear explosion

These dictators need to be stopped, they are at the moment:

Trump, Kim and Putin. Unless we put a leash on these animals our lives are at a huge risk. Everything was fine until Trump got elected. He is a far-right businessman NOT a politician, he shouldn’t be in government, he is no better than Hilary.

Putin Trump and Kim

I dont think lashing out or war is the answer, both of them (Kim and Trump) are just waiting for a trigger point. I mean, do you want the world to end like this ? the whole world in ashes ? After WW1 and WW2 countries got rebuilt again to luxuries we have now. After WW3 there would be no rebuilding, it would be the end of humanity unless warmongers like Trump build underground hotels for their entire population. Once WW3 is triggered trump would be in a secret bunker while the rest of population perish.


Do you really care about hollow threats made by N. Korea a.k.a. DPRK against Japan and Seoul so much that you would risk a nuclear war to wipe out half the earth including US and UK ? We already know what happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki – the US took unilateral action against Japan and dropped two atom bombs (nuclear) and we know what it was like immediately and aftermath – do we want to see a repeat of this ? One of today’s nuclear detonations would not just only leave North Korea (NK) flattened but it will also severely effect neighbouring countries.

neighbouring countries



N. Korea probably may not have WMD’s / nukes or have ones that only reach Japan and
S. Korea, but the Kremlin has warned that Russia will retaliate against the West if they nuke N. Korea.

Although, China is trying to help, in reality China is a close ally of N. Korea, if Russia tells China to get on its side, it will, then you’ll have Russia and China; Iran is just waiting for everything to start and then it will join-in as well.

Anyway, the point is…a nuclear was is not worth it for Trump to police the world and destroy/wipe out the earth and its population with radiation, even tho the blasts wont reach beyond half the globe.

Its not all about what it seems on paper, if other countries see major superpowers (Russia) and maybe not a superpower (China) join in with Iran, others would be wanting to test their nuclear capabilities on to-be colonialists that might one day want to invade their country by destabilising the region – e.g. Iran, India, Pakistan, Arab, etc.


ok, forget the rest of the countries, even if US and N. Korea fire nukes at each other, today’s nuclear bomb blasts, shockwaves, heat and fallout would be too horrific to pollute the world. Whichever direction the wind blows it would be deadly, lethal.



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