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Windows 10 is Rubbish

Whether you press the ‘Upgrade now’ or ‘Start download, upgrade later’ button…..

winndows 10 upgrade

….the white dots go around in circles forever and Windows 10 does not download, it keeps displaying the message ‘starting download…’ but other than that nothing happens.

winndows 10 upgrade2

Here is another piece of bullshit from Microsoft…

window cannot update

So Microsoft will not let me update to Windows 10, it just does not work, Microsoft software is littered with bugs.

So, try again…

windows 10 starts downloading

windows 10 downloading 68percent

After completing 100% of the download….

windows10 preparing for installation

It took two days for the installation, not 45 minutes. On the first day it got stuck on ‘Downloading windows 10 preparing for installation. The next day I tried again. The Upgrade to Windows 10 tiles upgrades from the bottom right corner of the screen doesn’t work so I tried via the windows update. I began at 23:45 and the whole process lasted until 2pm and altogether it took 2h 15 minutes. almost 3 hours. It then installed all the tools and updates until 3pm. Windows 10 also hidden my main user account and it was quite fiddly trying to get it back again. It took approximately 2h 15 minutes for installation.

It takes half an hour to prepare for installation and another 1 hour to install the actual Windows 10.

heres the break down if you’re planning to install windows 10:

5 minutes to begin initiation of the dowload or connect to their server
45 minutes to begin the download
25 minutes to prepare for installation, nothing happens in between that time, you cant tell if the download is messed up or something broken…just sits there saying ‘preparing for installation..’ – rubbish!

60 minutes taken for the actual installation of the whole windows 10

Total time taken for installation = 135 minutes or 2h 25 minutes

However, I still dont understand why Microsoft has given away Windows 10 for free because usually they dont give away any of their software. There could be several reason:

  • crap buggy / beta OS
  • its a spy program
  • MS Edge is slow
  • windows 8 was rubbish and thats why we got a giveaway
  • Microsofts reason is they want to get the software on many devices as possible – what about my android phone ? I like the flavour of linux on it – basically Microsoft wants to dominate the worlds devices
  • so, whats after windows 10 ?

So, finally after getting to my desktop the main difference is everything is the same except for my taskbar and things are more faster. I had a clock on my desktop, it has disappeared. I miss my Windows 7 taskbar, the Windows 10 taskbar is ugly with no aero. Apart from Windows being a bit more faster, there is a just a load crap on my start menu which I dont need – tiles. The designers of Windows have bad taste for design, cartoonish icons, no 3D, no aero, everything just flat crap.

The next mission for me to use Windows 10 is to get me aero taskbar back, the one MS provided me is crap. Apart from the start menu with a load of crap uncessary tile, a newly installed windows 10 look like a bit like a improvised windows 3.1 Microsoft is currently testing Aero glass functionality in Windows 10. That’s why they have added the glass effect only to Start Menu and Taskbar in Windows 10 – HOW LONG Microsoft lazy bozo’s ? c’mon,….get a move on…!

Theres not really much to see windows 10…..I have my same desktop from Windows 7, everything same apart from the start menu and taskbar. Other than that the file explorer  windows are cleaner but all the icons have a  flat cartoon-ish design. I dunno why Microsoft went retro or they just have designer with no sense of design or eye-candie, which makes the overall theme of Windows 10 absolutely rubbish.

…and heres another rubbish I just found out….look what they did to the calculator….yuk, ugh, some retro crap.

w10 calc

After using Windows 10 for some time, in fact on my second day now, restarted the computer. I dunno what they’re talking about that restart is fast – no it isnt – it took five minutes to restart and another five for the system to get its background processes loaded – TEN minutes altogether


Why Linux is Rubbish

Today I will be talking about Linux and in particular Ubuntu.

Just started to use linux – and its bloody rubbish because nothing works. For  a start you cant find ‘My computer’ or a way to access your drives. Here is an example what you see on logging onto linux:

Unless you poke around in the dark you wont find where the drives are hidden. You have to blindly poke around at the top of the screen only then a menu appears but doesn’t do anything unless you click on it. Once you poke around the menu you will find it under ‘Go’

Linux is a huge learning curve, even using Ubuntu – the latest version. The transition from Windows to Linux is slow. I am not against Mac’s or Linux but this is first-hand experience of using linux.

Linux is good for people who:

  • People who want easy security
  • People who want a unique look and feel
  • People who like the idea of open source software
  • Programmers who enjoy contributing to free open source software
  • People who only use the computer for basic needs and don’t want to be bothered by viruses and spyware.
  • People who don’t want to have to reboot because there computer starts “running slow” due toadware, spyware, bloatware, etc.

When I first installed linux I was presented with not only the above screen but Firefox. The problem with Firefox is no matter which operating system you use and how much memory the computer has it is slow. Upon trying to view TV channels I found firefox did not have the proper plugins installed such flash and javascript. As a result I was presented with the following:
Upon trying to update the plugins here is what I was presented with
The recommended plugin download site doesn’t exist
So, I went to the flash website and selected the ‘Apt for Ubuntu 10.04+’
Very cryptic and unfriendly user interface, not what I want to see, thank you.
upon clicking ‘use this source:
That is great!
After numerous attempts, I give up.
I then downloaded and installed Chrome. Hurray! Everything works. Maybe it is firefox that is the problem but anyway when installing plugins you do not get these issues in Windows.
  • when you click on anything in Ubuntu, its slow to respond or nothing happens, there is some response after several clicks.
  • Windows 7 looks and feels more 3D
been using Ubuntu all throughout the day today, and have to say the performance is very poor even though there is more than 1 Gb RAM. Slowness, unwilling to respond, sound quality, internet. Just dont know what other people are on about.

With all the good things I been hearing about it Linux/Ubuntu, after all this time I thought finally I could ditch windows and move on to a life with no instability and no insecurity…looks like i got into more trouble than good. Now, having a second opinion.

So, far my opinion is, there is only one thing: ‘Nice interface’.

Its a change, with a learning curve but maybe I’ll give it a few more days, see how it goes but unsure about it. For the moment its like a testing ground for poking around in the dark.

9.22pm Linux has bug in it and needs to be fixed. Anything you click on does not respond, it responds only after repeated attempts of poking at it. Internet is slower than windows even though the speed of both have been measured.
9.30pm working with linux all day, feels like its a cartoon. There is a reason and difference between paid software and free software and now i felt it and see it.
9.38pm Linux is not a replacement for windows
9.47pm trying to use gedit to save a file. Its better than notepad and you can save by clicking on the disk icon but to save it in a different place, there is no file menu or one included in the disk icon to do a ‘save as…’ to save in a different place.
9.50pm you have to be really, very intelligent to realise the ‘file, save as’ menu is not associated with gedit its associated with the taskbar on the top.
10.50pm had enough of Ubuntu for a day, going back to windows 7
Conclusion: Ubuntu is a disaster! , its like selling a old banged-up car with a nice bird on it, thats what the red cloak is on the desktop. Even as I write this blog, the layout is a bit messed up which I never encounter when writing it in Windows. Maybe linux is for programmers not to get any real work done.
Overall, linux is an outdated piece of software, operating system, kernal or whatever you want to call it because most of the things in Linux will require you to use the Terminal (command line) . We live in the 21st century and are approaching the 22nd soon, we went well past the days of DOS operating system but linux continues in the footstep of the command line or ‘terminal’, what is this an airport ?!
Many people think they are really technical because they use linux. That is partly true because they are programmers, like the command prompt – the age old way of doing things and simply because ‘linux’ sounds a bit new and complicated for the not so technical and to those who haven’t used linux aka windows/mac users .
The good thing about it is in Windows, your either stuck using the boring default desktop theme, or risking corruption or failure by installing a third-party shell.

To use linux you need to become familiar with the Linux operating system which requires patience as well as a strong learning curve. You must have the desire to read and figure things out on your own, rather than having everything done for you – no thanks, I would like to get my videos edited, applications installed, type the email, word process the documents, print, scan, etc, etc, do the important things that need doing not messing around, trying to fix some broken tool.

Real linux (not ubuntu and the similar) is all about scripting but why re-invent the wheel with a script that will clear files from a directory such as:
# Cleanup, version 3# Warning:
# ——-
# This script uses quite a number of features that will be explained
#+ later on.
# By the time you’ve finished the first half of the book,
#+ there should be nothing mysterious about it.LOG_DIR=/var/log
ROOT_UID=0 # Only users with $UID 0 have root privileges.
LINES=50 # Default number of lines saved.
E_XCD=86 # Can’t change directory?
E_NOTROOT=87 # Non-root exit error.# Run as root, of course.
if [ “$UID” -ne “$ROOT_UID” ]
echo “Must be root to run this script.”

if [ -n “$1” ]
# Test whether command-line argument is present (non-empty).
lines=$LINES # Default, if not specified on command-line.

# Stephane Chazelas suggests the following,
#+ as a better way of checking command-line arguments,
#+ but this is still a bit advanced for this stage of the tutorial.
# E_WRONGARGS=85 # Non-numerical argument (bad argument format).
# case “$1” in
# “” ) lines=50;;
# *[!0-9]*) echo “Usage: `basename $0` file-to-cleanup”; exit $E_WRONGARGS;;
# * ) lines=$1;;
# esac
#* Skip ahead to “Loops” chapter to decipher all this.


if [ `pwd` != “$LOG_DIR” ] # or if [ “$PWD” != “$LOG_DIR” ]
# Not in /var/log?
echo “Can’t change to $LOG_DIR.”
exit $E_XCD
fi # Doublecheck if in right directory before messing with log file.

# Far more efficient is:
# cd /var/log || {
# echo “Cannot change to necessary directory.” >&2
# exit $E_XCD;
# }

tail -n $lines messages > mesg.temp # Save last section of message log file.
mv mesg.temp messages # Rename it as system log file.

# cat /dev/null > messages
#* No longer needed, as the above method is safer.

cat /dev/null > wtmp # ‘: > wtmp’ and ‘> wtmp’ have the same effect.
echo “Log files cleaned up.”
# Note that there are other log files in /var/log not affected
#+ by this script.

exit 0
# A zero return value from the script upon exit indicates success
#+ to the shell.

when you can simply open a folder with a click of a mouse and delete the contents of folder/directory.

The above is the actual script or lines of code you need to write or download and execute in order to delete a folder of files. How efficient!

It doesn’t feel like linux is for people to do serious work. I know people who just want to type their documents, email and browse, or just run their business, simple.

THE MOST IMPORTANT FACT IS I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANY USER IN REAL LIFE USE LINUX. But i do know one or two installed it for test purposes to see what its like and then they ditched it, so i think its fake as well, although Unix isn’t since I have seen it in a University lab.

It looks like partly, linux is for those people who had a passion for dos and windows came in and they got left out of using dos and missed it a lot and then someone came out with their own idea of linux which will carry on using the command line.

As ‘James’ talks about Linux in his blog it seem linux is a fan-boyz club who just like tweaking the system even worse than windows. Linux is all about code and programming although the newer version of linux are more about trying out different shells as if you do that in windows you will corrupt the file system.

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Software Companies

Some of the biggest software companies such Microsoft and Adobe and are idiots they keep changing where things are in their software which means people cant do their work they have to spend half the time where a particular menu item has moved to. Fools!

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Internet Explorer 9 is Rubbish

I have Internet explorer 9 on a brand new pc and half the things on it does not work when other browers such chrome does not have any problems. Youtube videos do not work only one or two work even after downloading a flash update/plugin, IE9 is also slow. When will thoses bozo’s at Microsoft learn that when you switch on a Mac everything is there and there are no issues. Microsoft give PC’s a bad reputation because some people think PC’s are rubbish they only half work. This is the reason why Mac’s and Linux have an increase in sales. People are moving away from Windows to Mac and Linux, its time for Gates and his team to retire or get their act sorted out.

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Windows 8

The fools at Microsoft need to get a grip on what they are developing. If windows 8 is more for mobiles and tablets then why put them on pc’s! The usabilty is disastrous. Microsoft is losing their expertise they are drifting one platform to another. In order to boost sales and take over the market from their competitors ‘Apple’ they are copy-cat-ing many features the available in Mac.

If Windows was a great piece of OS then there would be no need to bring out a new OS every year. Although its improvement in each new version each version has its own problems. Windows 95, NT and Vista were a disaster and Windows 8 is a whole confusion.

Apple developed the iPhone and because Microsoft (MS) is no longer a success, Apple is dominating the IT market MS develops WIndows phone and Windows 8 – losers! cant think on their own two feet. Surely, tablets and Macs are the way to go becauue windows is so crap and I am even switching to Linux

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YouTube Downloader

YouTube Downloader

YouTube Downloader

If you're thinking of downloading YouTube videos using YouTube Downloader then do not use this software, because its rating is 1/10, it does not even work after being installed.

Here is what happens after the software has been installed:

YouTube Downloader error message

YouTube Downloader error

Be aware of this software, downloading and installing it is a waste of time.
After uninstalling the program, desktop shortcut icon is still on there so maybe it doesnt even uninstall. crapware.

Here is a another piece of crapware YouTube download software:

This crapware is soo slow and when you try to download a clip the software automatically closes, whatta laugh this software is, its all jokes!


These software suck!

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Windows 7 or 8 Is not Necessary

Windows XP is sufficient. All the new add-ons and themes slow the computer down. Most of the theme settings such as:

Use windows blinds and download enhancement for xp if you want
backup program – use alternative in XP like download Acronis

Search and file management – not much changed here

You can easily search through other PCs on your network – unsafe and dont want some sneak searching through my files

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Acronis True Image 2011

Acronis True Image is a software that creates an image of the pc and takes a snapshot so when there is a system failure you can simply restore the pc to its original state.

Acronis 2009 and was a good piece software although on some computers it didnt work and it trashed the pc or you had restart all over again which meant data loss and reformat.

Acronis 2011 should have been an improvement from Acronis 2009 but the software just seems to be bloatware and installation is very slow and operating the software is confusing.

There are uncessary drop down menus where to store and locate files make the whole operating confusing and an annoyance.

stick to Acronis 2009 if you have and they dont provide any support. Support is a premium price and even then they dont provide support

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Buying a New Computer

It is useless buying a new computer no matter how fast they say it is. The problem is ‘bloatware’ and Microsoft a major culprit. Windows 7, Vista, you name it, they make the new machines slow. PC’s even running a 2.40 Ghz processor and 4 Gb or RAM load simple applications such as Internet explorer and adobe reader for example slow. With this sort of new pc with that much power software should fly.

The best thing to do is ditch vista and windows 7 and buy a new machine and install XP on it. Windows XP will fly on a new machine. Despite the lack of support for XP and the updates, if you know how to maintain a computer and you want a fast machine – get a new PC and put XP on it.

As I have said above, no matter what PC you buy Microsoft bloatware operating systems gobble up all the CPU speed and RAM, they are just crap!

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Jommla is a rubbish software, so cryptic and difficult to learn, you cant really edit the templates and take things off so simply
joomla is a shit program for beginners, complete waste of time

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