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Why do you support Ukip? Party supporters reveal their views

The rise of Ukip is one of the key trends in British politics, helping shape the agenda and unsettling the older political parties.

But who is actually supporting Ukip, and why? Where do they live, and what do they want?

Listen to some nervous Tory MPs and you’d conclude that Ukippers are all disaffected Conservatives in golf club ties, living in comfortable home counties retirement and holding David Cameron’s fate in their hands.

But listen to the Ukip PR machine and you’ll be told that Ukip supporters come from all backgrounds, ages and regions, threatening all the established parties equally.

The Telegraph is offering Ukip supporters themselves the chance to establish the truth, speaking for themselves as party of our new video graphic.

Over the months leading up to the European elections in May and the general election next year, we will add to our gallery with more contributions.

If you want to take part, email us on and watch the video below detailing what we are looking for.

And keep watching the map as we reveal more of the people who make Ukip what it is today.

Graphic by Joel Gunter and Dan Palmer

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Tuition fee rise ‘fuels increase in yobbish behaviour’ among Oxford students

Residents say the new intake of students this autumn at Oxford Brookes University has sparked the worst noise and anti-social behaviour for years.

Many have complained about drunken, slurring students being sick and urinating outside their houses, and couples sneaking into gardens to have sex.

The University confirmed there had been at least 45 complaints in the first five weeks of term.

According to Ivon Asquith, of the Divinity Road Area Residents Association, the decline in behaviour is down to students feeling more like customers than pupils because of the hike in fees.

In September 2012, universities in England raised tuition fees from £3,000 to £9,000 per year.

Mr Asquith also claimed that universities were fearful of losing students, and a subsequent loss of funds, so were less likely to discipline them.

He said: “I have met several people, including some people at Brookes, who think that the higher fees make some students feel more like customers rather than pupils.

“At the same time, universities don’t want to lose students who are paying them £9,000 a year, making universities more inhibited about disciplining them.

“The start of this new academic year is the worst I can remember. Some residents are becoming very angry.

“It is clear Brookes needs to change its disciplinary framework for handling student misconduct. At present there do not seem to be effective sanctions to deter bad behaviour.”

One resident, who asked not to be named, said “The students’ behaviour this year is appalling.

“There is no weekend night that goes by without something unpleasant happening right outside our doorsteps.”

Now Oxford Brookes University has vowed to bring in a tough new code of conduct which will see the class of 2013 fined, handed community service orders and even evicted from the halls of residence if they don’t stop their poor behaviour.

The university is to meet residents’ representatives and has vowed it will get on top of the problem to preserve the good name of Brookes.

Dr Anne Gwinnett, Brookes’ director of corporate affairs, said “There has been an increase in incidents of poor behaviour in the community and we know some of it is down to our students.

“We have seen a shift in student behaviour in the wrong direction.

“We need to get underneath why it is worse this year.”

Dr Gwinnett said she knew of 45 complaints in the first five weeks and feared Brookes students themselves were among the victims.

“The vast majority of students want to work hard and get full value from their education. They don’t want to be kept up at 5am either,” she said.

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Seizures of illegal ‘party drug’ ketamine increase three-fold in just 12 months

Seizures of the potentially deadly tranquilliser ketamine more than tripled last year as its popularity as a party drug continued to grow, new figures have shown.

Police and border officials seized 537lbs (244 kilograms) of the drug in England and Wales in 2012-13, compared with 176lbs (80kg) the year before.

Ketamine, a veterinary anaesthetic used on horses and other large animals, is a Class C drug carrying lower penalties than harder drugs such as heroin or crack.

But experts have warned it is being used as a recreational drug in the club scene despite serious health threats. Dubbed “Special K” by its users, ketamine can lead to irreversible bladder damage and even death.

Last year Vicky Unwin, whose daughter Louise, 21, was found dead in her east London flat after taking ketamine, said there must be better education so young people know the risks associated with the drug.

Home Office figures on drug seizures also showed three tonnes of cocaine were seized last year, down half a tonne on the previous year.

There was also a 43 per cent decrease in the amount of cannabis seized year-on-year.

Seizures of amphetamines rose 30 per cent to 1.4 tonnes.

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Todays Controversy

Todays Controversy gives you the latest news, views, reviews of what is happening – uncut. There are many news stories that you dont hear about everyday that goes unheard of. While many things that happen are a controversy to discuss, Todays Controvery reveals some of the hidden truths out there that you may not heard of.

Join in and contribute today about anything you think others wont look at or give you a voice. Many sites specially major sites like the BBC, amazon and doyoo, to name a few wont let you reveal the hidden truths or facts of some experiences in life you may have encountered but at Todays Controvery – its different. We let the world know about a controversy that may even be local or national where you are.

Get involved today at:

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Web design using html, CSS and dreamweaver is outdated and rubbish, it produces messy codes which do not function in WYSIWYG html editors, its a complete utter waste of time.

The best way to produce software use some really good read-made software which will produce nice designs but are also not restricted to what you can do or how you can manipulate it.

Most of the ready made software are limited to what you can do but there are very few good ones out there. Why waste time messing around with rubbish. Why do people even manufacture or produce such rubbish in the first place. Adobe think they are really clever but they produce some financially bloated shit out there!

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Bangladeshi’s sell rotten fruit and vegetables

Why is it that Bangladeshi’s always sell rotten fruit and veg ? are they rotten themselves or do they just want to make a quick buck. This is is just pathetic and it gives the whole nation a bad name for being rotten. A lot of them who sell rotten fruit and veg come from remote village areas in bangladesh who have never seen good things and life and they dont care.

A lot of the these remote villagers dont really care what is good and bad. I have seen many of them in shops buying rotten fruit and veg, they know it is rotten and they still like to buy. One reason is because half rotten  fruit and veg is very cheap.

In whitechapel, half-rotten mangoes are sold at two boxes for a pound or three boxes for £2. Athough there werent many people buying it, there was a huge crowd around it just in case if one or two people buy a box of mangoes  perhaps the whole crowd would join to buy.

I dont understand what is wrong with these people!

Because rotten fruit sell, market and shop trader buy and sell more rotten produce – they know it sells and people buy it.

Bangladeshi shop assistants whether in market stalls or shop are scam artists. The almost force you to buy their rotten produce, they dont even let you have a look at it properly.  Mangoes and pears for example: inside the boxes they put the rotten side face down and dont let customers what are they are being sold.

Surely, they are real rotten scam artists!

No Healthy Food and Drink in Shops

Shops in the UK do not have enough healthy food and drinks. Most shops always have junk food like crisps, chocolate and sweets in the front and near the til and its very tempting but its also very unhealthy. Many of the causes of ill health in western society are due what we eat. Even cafes and small resutaurants always put a lot unhealthy stuff in food, in fact they force it upon you.

High cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, tooth decay and many more are due to unhealthy eating. Poor eating can contribute to and increase the risk of obesity, heart disease, heart attack, stroke, cancer, diabetes and various other chronic conditions. Junk food consumption alters brain activity in a manner similar to addictive drugs like cocaine or heroin. A lot of people love manyonaise and shops force it upon people. Supermarkets like Tesco should know better, and kebab shops are an culprit. There is a huge over saturation of KFC, PFC, kebab and other fried chicken shops. Not only that, walk into any cafe and order a meal and they will mix a huge, massive dollop of mayonnaise.  This condiment  is high in fat and other harmful dietary elements. Each tablespoon of mayonnaise contains 10 g of total fat and  1.5 g of saturated fat. Many people regularly consume far more fat than is healthy — particularly saturated fat. A tablespoon of mayonnaise contains 5 mg of cholesterol which is quite a lot. Excess cholesterol intake can lead to build-ups in your arteries. This can also potentially lead to heart disease, stroke, and similar health problems.

 Fast food companies are outnumbering actual restaurants because their food is ridiculously affordable, easy-to-attain and sadly, delicious.  The portions that junk food joints provide are a whooping five times more than what they were when they first opened their gates of hell. Companies know that the replication of food and all its unhealthy cousins will make it big among low-income groups, especially those that are situated in areas that do not have access to supermarkets that provide healthy food. That is why their food is priced so low where millions worldwide actually live off only junk food. Sainsbury’s is one of the good supermarkets which have a lot of healthy food if go down the right aisle(s).

 Its not just unhealthy fats that are found in fast and junk foods,  favorite chemicals used as part of the food making process are – titanium dioxide (found in dressings), azodicarbonamide (found in some Subway breads), sodium phosphate (found in coffee in fast food joints), monosodium phosphate (laxative), propylene glycol (chemical used to capture ground beetles), sodium acid pyrophosphate (a leather stain-remover used in some foods), sodium phosphate (foaming agent) and dimethylpolysiloxane (found in McNuggets and other fast food eats).

Health problems that are brought on because of regular junk food eating = asthma, strokes, type 2 diabetes, cancer (kidney / uterine / colon / breast / esophagus), liver disease, and cardiovascular diseases. What goes into junk food during its processing? Here’s the shocker – dyes (red and yellow are used, affecting behavioral attributes in children), additives (artificial sweeteners linked to cancer risks), high-fructose corn syrup, trans fat (partially hydrogenated oils / hydrogenated oils), MSG, emulsifiers, and of course sodium in high doses.

Every time we walk into a shop we are forced with junk food in our face. Supermarkets, cafes and kebab shops should be restricted or banned for forcing junk in the face of shoppers. Tighter regulations need to be implemented on this, but everyone is enjoying unhealthy food so much that no one is bothered to do anything about it. If after reading this article it brings sense to anyone, no one will buy the junk food from shops and do something about it to get it out of peoples face like putting it at the back of the shop. What no one realizes is junk food corporations are making millions by destroying peoples lives and the medical corporation is making its trillions through the re-issue of of tablets and pills in a repeated cycle instead of providing a cure.

Prevention is better than cure, there is a lot of natural cure out there but the medical profession be it the NHS or private they dont want to tell you about natural cures nor do they want to cure your problem because if they did their pill business would be gone and there will be no jobs for the medical profession and pharmaceutical industry.

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Salford mother hurt in Pendleton racist acid attack

A Salford mother in Pendleton racist attack had acid thrown on her

See full story here

This man should have the same thing done to him and then cut up into pieces because he is neither human nor an animal.

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Restaurant Food

Restaurant food is so common everyone loves going to the restaurant to have a nice meal but next time take a trip down to the basement or kitchen and have a look at the cooks/chefs….one thing that definitely needs to be considered is…these poeple handle the food you eat, they have to touch with their hands at times or many times but how many of them wash their hands ? how many of them do you think while cooking need touch their face or scratch somewhere and then not wash their hands. Are their hands totally hygenic ? would you like or prefer this person to be cooking at your home ? If would prefer this person not to be in your house and cooking your food then doesn’t it seem OMG! I am eating this food which has been touched by this guy ? has he washed his hands ?


BHS in Oxford Street, London are BIG fools. They lock the doors, (with including a chain and padlock) but they have no sign on the door to say whether it is closed or open nor do they have their opening hours written anywhere on the door or window.  Whatta bunch of fools they are, clowns!