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WhatsApp Is Not Free to make calls or messaging


What is the point of using WhatsApp to make free calls when you are required to top-up using your mobile phone network.

In reality and in a way making free calls isn’t really free. Although the App itself is free you still need to be connected to the internet, and connecting to the internet requires payment to your mobile phone network to get internet access. So you have to pay for it.

If you purchase a cash top-up as PAYG of which the minimum is £5 then data charges will quickly drain your the cash you put into the phone. Either way, if you purchase a subscription, pack or bundle through your network or carrier then you are still paying to talk or text for free. So, in reality WhatsApp is free to use if you pay the mobile phone network to download the App and use it. So you still have to pay for it.

The other way is to use WhatsApp over a wireless network or wifi but again in reality it is not free, you have to pay the wifi network company. You can go to a café but only if you want to treat yourself to a coffee which you will have to pay for the coffee say about £3.50 and then get your free wifi access to use whatsApp.

Free Wifi-hotspots – again, unless you are mostly on the go, do you really want to leave the comfort of your home to sit in a café, station, airport, stand outside or even go somewhere public with strangers around you and then you have to think about network security as well. Asking around for passwords are hassle as well.

So, in conclusion, whatsApp as an app is free but calling and messaging isn’t in a way.

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The worlds shittest Phone

After the Samsung GT-S5230 the iPro i6 Pro (a.k.a ChinaPhone)  is the world shittest phone but it isnt the shittest phone in the universe as of yet unlike some other products such as the keyboard which is the worst invention in technological times.

The iPro is a very slow phone almost impossible type text messages. With all due respect iPro is suitable for people who are not fast at typing. iPro makes you feel like an 80 year old and the fucking keys are so bloody tiny, the shift key and the caps lock are in the fucking wrong place, in fact the shift and caps lock are in one key.  I dont understand what’s wrong with those idiot manufacturers what do they thing when creating phones ? are the fones for newborns with tiny fingers?!! To get the cursor from one end of the row to the other end it takes forever, if you do it continuously it goes tooo fast.

bloody shit this is!

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Mobile phone company O2 are deficient of providing a satisfactory service as it cannot update its system which mean its subscribers get a few minutes short at the start of the next billing month because their system is very slow. It takes 12 hours to update phone records and it happens on a regular basis.

This mean if you had 600 minutes at the beginning of the month and on the last day you had 40 minutes left, and you made a 5 minute call at 7pm and had 35 minutes left after the call; at the end of the billing period at 12 am midnight all your minutes will be wiped off. Even though you still have 35 minutes left from the previous day O2 will still give you 595 minutes for the next month instead of another 600 minutes.

O2′s excuse for this is their system takes an inappropriate 12 hours to update and its in their terms and conditions.

This means if users want an accurate update of their free minutes they need to stop using their phone for 12 hours. The mobile company O2 wont add on those extra minutes owed nor will they give you some of your money back for those minutes which they have missed even though you are paying for the minutes and it cost over 20p per minute if you didnt have those minutes and even though time is money O2 wants to win by deceiving its cusomters in an unfair way.

Stay away from O2

criminals!, terms and conditions my arse!

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T-mobile website not working

T-mobile’s shit website in the UK does not work. When trying to sign for a new registration to get a account for use with top-ups. After every field in their shitty form is filled in it still says to fill in all form fields even though everything is correctly filled in.

Be aware of T-mobile because they dont even have proper customer support. Their contact section is shit and crap, it just makes you go around in circles. There is no email address to contact specially if you’re on another network. They only have a premium 0845 number, so fuck off to that, idiots!

Worlds Shittest Phone

The Samsung Tocco Lite is the worlds shittest phone – DO NOT BUY EVER BUY THIS PIECE OF CRAP it is junk, rubbish, does not work, its pathetic.

  • qwerty keyboard does not work
  • press one thing and another thing happens
  • very slow
  • buttons dont work properly
  • screen is too small


It is an extremely shit piece of crap and I cant believe samsung are churning out more of their crap and people are just falling for it. For the amount of misery their phone is causing me I curse them and curse them again till they go into liquidation and bankruptcy, I would luv to see them out of business. Manufacturing phones is not their business. They should stick to what they are good at, making VCR’s. Idiots!

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How to get any mobile without a contract

You can get any mobile phone you want without going into a contract.

If you want to get the HTC or iphone and it is very expensive without a contract, then here is what to do.

Contract plans charge more in the long-run and also you’re tied into 12, 18 and 24 month contracts. If you’re paying £30 a month then over 12 months that is £360, over 18 months that is £216 and so on, fine.

But what if you dont want to get tied down in to a contract ? Personally, i hate contracts because  they tie you down and even if the mobile network’s tarriffs go up, you still cant change to another provider because you’re tied into the contract and if you wish to leave early then there is the penalty!

The solution is simple:

Buy the phone on a credit card and spread the cost paying in affordable installments. If a phone costs £300, buy it on credit card and pay just £25 every month for 12 months and you’re done! If you can  pay more than £25 a month then its better. Just imagine this is a contract but without being tied down 😉

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