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Imported clothing from China and India

Clothing imported from China and India in UK are becoming widely common specially in shops like Primark. However, clothing from China and India are rubbish, in fact it is shit! They dont know how to manufacture, design or cut clothing to fit people in the UK. The indians and chinese make clothing to fit food starved people who are drying out in temperatures of 45 degrees and then exporting to UK and the idiots in UK dont do anything about it. Shop keepers sell them as “slim-fit” clothing because although many people are fit and skinny in UK the clothes do not fit the average guy. Basically, those manufactures and shop-keepers are plonkers!

There are some clothing which are medium size but not actually labeled as slim-fit so when the average guy with a medium purchases the clothing turns out thats sticking to the body. This is is very idiotic, at least label the fuckin medium sized clothes as slim-fit.

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Bangladeshi’s sell rotten fruit and vegetables

Why is it that Bangladeshi’s always sell rotten fruit and veg ? are they rotten themselves or do they just want to make a quick buck. This is is just pathetic and it gives the whole nation a bad name for being rotten. A lot of them who sell rotten fruit and veg come from remote village areas in bangladesh who have never seen good things and life and they dont care.

A lot of the these remote villagers dont really care what is good and bad. I have seen many of them in shops buying rotten fruit and veg, they know it is rotten and they still like to buy. One reason is because half rotten  fruit and veg is very cheap.

In whitechapel, half-rotten mangoes are sold at two boxes for a pound or three boxes for £2. Athough there werent many people buying it, there was a huge crowd around it just in case if one or two people buy a box of mangoes  perhaps the whole crowd would join to buy.

I dont understand what is wrong with these people!

Because rotten fruit sell, market and shop trader buy and sell more rotten produce – they know it sells and people buy it.

Bangladeshi shop assistants whether in market stalls or shop are scam artists. The almost force you to buy their rotten produce, they dont even let you have a look at it properly.  Mangoes and pears for example: inside the boxes they put the rotten side face down and dont let customers what are they are being sold.

Surely, they are real rotten scam artists!

KFC reuse food dropped on the floor

It is outrageous what restaurants get up to where the customer(s) cant see whats happening in the kitchen. The restaurant would reuse chicken that had been dropped on the floor,  as a result a woman is severly ill with brain damage.  Read Full story

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Tesco are mercyless

Even if you have four pence short of a product, tesco will not accept your money even if you buy 20 items or 1 item. So, when shopping at tesco never buy an item even if it is one penny less else where. They are idiots.

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Get your cash back

Most shops do not want to give your money back once you paid for an item and walked out of the door even if you come back 5 minutes after. This is specially true with smaller shops. Most of the bigger shops and supermarkets these days provide a better service. It is a fact that a lot of sole traders do not and would not want to refund. After all, it is your money you just hand over to the shop assistant at the til. This situation has to change. Shops cannot do this. Most of the time they get away doing this is because the public in this country do not want to quarrel over little things or not even make a fuss about it. For those people who have plenty of money flowing like water is not much of an issue but even if money is not flowing like water it is a bit of lazyness…’oh let it go, don’t want a hassle’ is the thought but this is the wrong type of attitude. It is ok to do this but it is quite annoying and irritating when in this economic recession even a small item is overpriced and when you want your money back you’re refused.

So, what to do ? for starters this type of behaviour by shops has to stop and people have to open-up and fight for their right and fight for their money back. Shops do not own the money people have in their pocket. However, if you are one of these people who really don’t mind, then please give us the cash you want to throw away. Money does not grow on trees and is not owned by shops. However, when shops do this they are actually forcing the money from you and preventing you getting it back is the same as a mugger putting your hands in your pocket in the street and taking the money from you.

If everyone gets together raises the voice and opinion this would not happen and it would stop happening.


Primark based in Marble Arch, London, UK are bloody idiots! they keep changing their closing time frequently. First it was 7pm, then 8pm, then 9pm,…10pm and now its back to 9 pm. They dont have it written anywhere that they will close early nor do they promote it outside anywhere or on their shop window that its closing time has changed again

When its time to close they make all their customers rush out of the shop with constants anouncements and then they enforce their security on customers. This is specially very bad for people who just got into the store 15 minutes ago because they put them under pressure to ‘hurry-up’ and not even let customers look properly at what they are buying.

One day an idiot security guard blocked me, he was lucky I wasnt in a bad mood that day or else I would have hit him sooo hard that with one slap he would have been shitting in his pants that day in front of all the customers. He was a mean motherfucker! and if  i slap on one of them sooo hard on his right ear shit would have been flying out through left ear in the form diarrhea!




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DFS are Cheats

Watch out for DFS sofa company, they are cheats!. On their website it offers many different sofas but it only states in their ‘hidden’ terms and conditions at the very bottom of the page where no can see it that there is a “small” delivery charge of £45.

No one in the UK charges £45 for delivery. Delivery charge is max £5-6 sometimes even £3. If they were not cheats they would put it with the sofa price or next to it. Whats more, if DFS charge so much for sofas they should be offering free delivery.


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