Life in London

Fighting the Clock

Why is it so many people fight the clock or fight against time, it is ridiculous!
This happens specially in many organisations or work places, people fighting against the clock to get something done. They dont realise that they cant beat the clock. In these days time flies like water out of a running tap.

Why doesn’t everyone just relax and do things by effective and efficient planning. It is a ridiculous joke watching clowns fighting against the clock. It shows how very inefficient and ineffective they are.

what a lot of jokers!

There is one joker I know who thinks he is so clever, he commands his  staff a task and within 2 minutes he asks ‘done?’ what a fool ! haahaha.

The Land of the Living Dead

…walking down the streets is a nightmare these days….zombie like creatures walking around on to legs in all different colours; some staring at the sky, some at their mobile phones but not looking where they are going

Neither do they know how to walk properly nor do they let other people get on with their business of walking to their destination. You have to waddle and wobble through them to get to your destination. Do they think the pavement on every street is some beach?! duh!

There should be two lanes on each pavement – one for slow walkers called ‘sleepers lane’ and another called ‘the fast lane’ for the rest of us.

It is so irritating those zombie like beings always block your path, and its not just one or two, theres many of them all the time!


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