Shopping behind Brick Lane on Saturday 30th April 2011 for meat I went to to Bangla Town Cash & Carry. I asked the butcher to give me a kilo of leg from a sheep while he was happily cutting away the carcass of another slaughtered animal. Whether it was a cow or a sheep there wasnt a way of knowing. After waiting about 10 minutes for the service because I thought he was gonna give me freshly cut pieces from the carcass he was cutting while he was happily trying to unsuccessfully multi-task. However, I ended up with a 1 kg packet of cows meat which he just picked from a tray of unfreshly cut meat i didnt realise until i took it home and cooked it two days later!

Unless you’re a butcher yourself or a meat expert there isnt really a way knowing whether the meat is from a cow or sheep specially when it doesnt have any head or face to look at. But cows are huge animals anyway so i assume the guy was skinning the leg of a sheep. I dont usually eat beef, only sheep and the butcher not knowing his cow from his sheep is a very unprofessional service with a complete lack of knowledge giving a bad name to other reliable butchers in the area.

banglatown cash & carry
Banglatown cash & carry in Brick Lane, London E1


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