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World War III – Nuclear War – Armageddan

World War III

If these 2 idiots (Trump and Kim) don’t tone down their rhetoric and sabre-rattling this would be the end of humanity and this planet. In an attempt to wipe out N. Korea by US and NATO, Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan and Syria, would all send nukes in their flying to NATO countries in retaliation. NATO and the US then wont even be able to cope with the incoming missiles.. Even if they have THAAD the nukes cannot be stopped, there is no evidence THAAD actually works, it might be able to intercept some missiles but not all.

Nuclear War

The world be in tremendous catastrophe. NATO will then be hitting all those countries that fired against them and nukes will be flying across the globe in their thousands, in this process all the countries and third world countries who don’t have nukes will perish with horrific diseases and side-effect. Side-effects will not only be in the form of diseases but of massive gigantic ants, mosquitoes, dogs and cats that would ravage people.

nuclear explosion

These dictators need to be stopped, they are at the moment:

Trump, Kim and Putin. Unless we put a leash on these animals our lives are at a huge risk. Everything was fine until Trump got elected. He is a far-right businessman NOT a politician, he shouldn’t be in government, he is no better than Hilary.

Putin Trump and Kim

I dont think lashing out or war is the answer, both of them (Kim and Trump) are just waiting for a trigger point. I mean, do you want the world to end like this ? the whole world in ashes ? After WW1 and WW2 countries got rebuilt again to luxuries we have now. After WW3 there would be no rebuilding, it would be the end of humanity unless warmongers like Trump build underground hotels for their entire population. Once WW3 is triggered trump would be in a secret bunker while the rest of population perish.


Do you really care about hollow threats made by N. Korea a.k.a. DPRK against Japan and Seoul so much that you would risk a nuclear war to wipe out half the earth including US and UK ? We already know what happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki – the US took unilateral action against Japan and dropped two atom bombs (nuclear) and we know what it was like immediately and aftermath – do we want to see a repeat of this ? One of today’s nuclear detonations would not just only leave North Korea (NK) flattened but it will also severely effect neighbouring countries.

neighbouring countries



N. Korea probably may not have WMD’s / nukes or have ones that only reach Japan and
S. Korea, but the Kremlin has warned that Russia will retaliate against the West if they nuke N. Korea.

Although, China is trying to help, in reality China is a close ally of N. Korea, if Russia tells China to get on its side, it will, then you’ll have Russia and China; Iran is just waiting for everything to start and then it will join-in as well.

Anyway, the point is…a nuclear was is not worth it for Trump to police the world and destroy/wipe out the earth and its population with radiation, even tho the blasts wont reach beyond half the globe.

Its not all about what it seems on paper, if other countries see major superpowers (Russia) and maybe not a superpower (China) join in with Iran, others would be wanting to test their nuclear capabilities on to-be colonialists that might one day want to invade their country by destabilising the region – e.g. Iran, India, Pakistan, Arab, etc.


ok, forget the rest of the countries, even if US and N. Korea fire nukes at each other, today’s nuclear bomb blasts, shockwaves, heat and fallout would be too horrific to pollute the world. Whichever direction the wind blows it would be deadly, lethal.


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What will happen if the West attacks Syria ?

With the current Syrian crisis and nutcases in the UK dragging the country into a nuclear conflict the west is thinking of attacking Syria and Russia.  Full story here. There are a number of ways the west is thinking about attacking Syria. one of the ways is in which the west is thinking about is setting up a no-fly zone in Syria. To do this it will require thousands of war planes to police the skies over Syria and an willingness to shoot down Syrian and RUSSIAN PLANES which could lead to violent tensions over the superpowers with Russia retaliating back and shooting down Western war planes. This will go around in circles and one thing will lead to another. Both Russian and US warships have already moved into the Mediterranean signalling the start of war.

Unlike the Soviet–Afghan War which lasted over nine years from December 1979 to February 1989 during the Sovier era, this is a new type of (cold) war not with the old Soviet Union. In fact, right now, “it’s not a new Cold War, it’s not even a deep chill. It’s an outright conflict”, said Obama and US-Russia relations have deteriorated sharply

Putin is a dangerous man. Both, Putin and Obama have aggression against each other in who rules the world and in this case who reshapes the new Syria on the map.


Both of these men’s selfish aggression will get the world destroyed. Latest news: Putin has moved nuclear-capable Iskandar missiles to the edge of NATO territory in Europe.

Both Russia and US have nuclear missiles on red-alert to fire within a minutes notice at each other. If the Syrian conflict escalates any further with the US attacking Russian warplanes both sides will retaliate fast, hard and furiously. It would begin with a standoff, a proxy war leading into a regional war where superpowers like UK, US, France and NATO being dragged in along with regional powers such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey, etc. NATO is right now making a “High Readiness Force” which can be speedily deployed to combat threats around the world and, both of these men are ready to go to war. A war between US and Russia is like playing with fire but a very dangerous and volatile fire.

Great cities are about to be destroyed around the world

New York




Why would great cities around the world be destroyed ?

If the main super powers go into war it would be NATO vs Russia. Although there is no WARSAW pact in action now but if Russia goes to war other nuclear countries will join and specially if Russia encourages them. These countries would be China, North Korea, Pakistan and India to name a few.


A stand off would lead to a proxy war, a regional war, a world war (World War III) and finally, a Nuclear War. When Russia and the US have enough of fighting a fierce conventional war Russia will be the most likely country to press the red button to fire nuclear weapons. During a conventional war both parties have access to the internet and will hack each other to bring down militarily command and control centres. The US, Russia and China also have the capability to jam all radio frequencies and electronics using electronic jamming equipment. If they take out the electronics by jamming it the West would be sitting ducks with all their technological air-power, missiles, etc sitting on the tarmac and would never know if a nuclear attack is coming from Russia.


If Russia fires nukes towards the US, it will not launch them one at a time but perhaps 300 in one go. The US has missile defend shields but if they have been electronically jammed, what use will they be ? Now, imagine 300 nukes flying around the world from all corners of the world with so many major explosions, this will wipe out great cities. Imagine, if 300 nuclear missiles are incoming from Russia, it will take 30 minutes for Russian nukes reach the West and they won’t have enough time to react. There are several reasons for this, they might think it is an error, equipment could be jammed with no radar by the time 300 nukes have arrived in the West it would already by too late, Russia would have already wiped out the West.


Nuclear missiles against blue sky

After a nuclear war, for decades and centuries the world, planet earth will be in ruins, not just the superpowers. Although, there will be many countries who did not go to war, the effect of radiation and fallout will be moved around the globe nature and everyone will be affected with catastrophic consequences. The world may just end and be a barren planet like some of the other planets in our galaxy.


The US and Russia know what happened when US dropped the atom bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the after affects. Today’s nukes are a thousand times more powerful that it will end the world. Of all the those great cities like London, New York, Dubai, Japan, etc, that have been built for peace and luxury for people to enjoy their living and lives in will be ruined in a few minutes, not just that, a nuclear explosion will be the most horrific and painful death anyone can face, in fact, the way it kills people is like all ready being in hell on earth.

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