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Why do you support Ukip? Party supporters reveal their views

The rise of Ukip is one of the key trends in British politics, helping shape the agenda and unsettling the older political parties.

But who is actually supporting Ukip, and why? Where do they live, and what do they want?

Listen to some nervous Tory MPs and you’d conclude that Ukippers are all disaffected Conservatives in golf club ties, living in comfortable home counties retirement and holding David Cameron’s fate in their hands.

But listen to the Ukip PR machine and you’ll be told that Ukip supporters come from all backgrounds, ages and regions, threatening all the established parties equally.

The Telegraph is offering Ukip supporters themselves the chance to establish the truth, speaking for themselves as party of our new video graphic.

Over the months leading up to the European elections in May and the general election next year, we will add to our gallery with more contributions.

If you want to take part, email us on whyrukip@telegraph.co.uk and watch the video below detailing what we are looking for.

And keep watching the map as we reveal more of the people who make Ukip what it is today.

Graphic by Joel Gunter and Dan Palmer

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Seizures of illegal ‘party drug’ ketamine increase three-fold in just 12 months

Seizures of the potentially deadly tranquilliser ketamine more than tripled last year as its popularity as a party drug continued to grow, new figures have shown.

Police and border officials seized 537lbs (244 kilograms) of the drug in England and Wales in 2012-13, compared with 176lbs (80kg) the year before.

Ketamine, a veterinary anaesthetic used on horses and other large animals, is a Class C drug carrying lower penalties than harder drugs such as heroin or crack.

But experts have warned it is being used as a recreational drug in the club scene despite serious health threats. Dubbed “Special K” by its users, ketamine can lead to irreversible bladder damage and even death.

Last year Vicky Unwin, whose daughter Louise, 21, was found dead in her east London flat after taking ketamine, said there must be better education so young people know the risks associated with the drug.

Home Office figures on drug seizures also showed three tonnes of cocaine were seized last year, down half a tonne on the previous year.

There was also a 43 per cent decrease in the amount of cannabis seized year-on-year.

Seizures of amphetamines rose 30 per cent to 1.4 tonnes.

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