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If there’s any reason why AOL’s service should be any  poorer than before is because they are actually ‘talk talk’ the most hated broadband provider due to their lack of poor service

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Xara web designer premium 7

Xara web designer premium 7 downloaded/purchased at a steep price of £90 (£89.99) is a piece of crap. You’ d expect with this level of premium price you pay for a valued software reviewed by the top 10 software reviews to be excellent and have everything included but NO! Once you installed the software the templates have to be DOWNLOADED from the xara website which is very bad for users with slow internet connections.

In fact most other web design software ship with everything complete, even templates, Web easy professional 7 one of their competitors for example. With Xara web designer premium 7 one of their templates’ size is 224.35 MB. This is very poor service from a software which its interface looks pretty and is based on the similar design of Adobe Photoshop Elements.

It has not been heard of web templates of sizes 224.35 MB, templates can be downloaded within seconds even over a slow connection. Although it is possible the software downloads the complete set of templates which is 224.35 MB once only after installation. what’a waste of bandwidth. There are usually limitations placed by ISP’s how much you can download a month and 224.35 MB is a complete waste when many of the templates will not be of taste to many users

Verdict: crapware!


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  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer does not have sessions unlike Opera, how lame! and they bring out a new version every few months, losers or wat!

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