0845 Numbers


Beware of companies using 0845, 0844, 08xxxx numbers. These companies should not be using these types of numbers. The claim they look professional but they dont, they look like premium numbers. Immediately when 084xx numbers are seen it is visualised as a premium rate number. So, it may not be true in all instances, perhaps they aren’t premium rate numbers but only if they mention the rate will be charged at local rates.

The rise in mobile phones these without a dangling cable attached to the wall socket means there is a constant rise in users dumping their land lines for the mobiles – who wants to pay a subscription for two phones. For example, you could be getting free minutes on your BT land line and paying £5.00 a month and you could be paying £5.00 a month for you mobile but its better to save even £5.00 and its better to dump the phone that has a cable attached to the wall which you cant walk about when you’re using the phone.  This means for all those people who are using mobiles, 08xx numbers are still premium rate numbers because they will not be charged at the local low rate that people get charged on BT land lines. The charges for calling 08xxx numbers are much expensive or double than using a land line.

In conclusion it is wrong for organisations to use 08xxx numbers because no, it is not professional despite what they say. If they wanted to be professional they could get a business mobile so that everyone benefits because mobile to mobile calls will be taken off from free minutes people have. Usually there are plenty of free minutes to go around for example, 600 minutes, 600 text and unlimited internet on £20.00 a month 30-day contract can last well over a month. Companies who use 08xx numbers should be pushed away to use mobiles or proper land lines or risk customers not to do business with them and this specially applies to residential customers mainly those who are less well off.


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